This Survival Tool Kit Will Save Your Life During Emergencies

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Next time you’re caught in an emergency situation, make sure that you’re prepared for everything life throws your way. There’s one key tool that every outdoor enthusiast should have by their side for any unforeseen circumstances. The OGT Ultimate Survival Set is an all-in-one tool kit that will help your get out of any tricky situation.

Featuring three potentially life-saving pieces with dozens of unique features, the OGT Ultimate Survival Set is designed to save your life during an emergency. The Survival Axe is the first piece and packs an amazing 31 different functions. Featuring an all-steel full tang and head axe, the Survival Axe is extremely lightweight and powerful. It’ll cut through the toughest of materials, and can also be used to pound in tent stakes. Don’t forget about the patented, integrated 6” bi-metal saw blade that folds out, which is perfect for cutting through wood.

Normally $58, this survival set is 13 percent off

OGT Ultimate Survival Set on sale for $49.99

The other two pieces are the Survival Companion and quality nylon sheath. From starting fires with the tinder & spark to finding directions with the built-in compass, the Survival Companion is a must-have!

Get your OGT Ultimate Survival Set today for just $49.99, which is a small price to pay for your survival. That’s 13% off the original price.

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