Chelsea Manning Tweets ‘F**k The Police’ On Law Enforcement Appreciation Day

Jack Taylor/Getty Images

Matt M. Miller Contributor
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On National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day, activist, whistle-blower and former U.S. Army soldier Chelsea Manning (formerly Bradley Manning) tweeted “f**k the police” with a picture of a Thin Blue Line Flag burning, and the hashtag #LawEnforcementAppreciationDay.

The rest of Manning’s tweet thread read, “Yearly reminder we live in a domestic military occupation in every major city.”

She then tweeted a link to an article from the Intercept, which reported on the police raid of Manning’s home in June 2018 after she posted a series of suicidal-sounding tweets with the words: “My warrantless ‘welfare check’ with guns drawn.”

Her two suicide-themed tweets — one of which depicted Manning standing on the ledge of a building looking down over it with the caption, “I’m sorry,” as if she were about to jump off — that initiated the police search have since been deleted.

Police were conducting a welfare check to confirm that Manning was safe and not a danger to herself, which she apparently took issue with.

Manning posted the same tweet about Law Enforcement Appreciate Day last year with a different image.

Manning served seven years of a 35-year prison sentence for leaking 700,000 sensitive military files to Wikileaks. She was pardoned by President Obama in 2017, despite her blatant and severe act of treason against the U.S. government.