People Need To Stop Freaking Out About A Little Snow. Here’s The Reason Why

Snow (Credit: Shutterstock/Scharfsinn)

David Hookstead Smoke Room Editor-in-Chief
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People need to chill out when it comes to snow.

I’m currently at an undisclosed location somewhere on the east coast, and we got a little bit of snow today. From people’s reactions, you’d think the apocalypse had begun.

It’s absolutely insane. People are driving like idiots, they’re rushing to the grocery store for food and they’re battening down the hatches like an invasion is imminent. Give me a break.

I went to the store, drove around and somehow managed to successfully get back to my place to cook some food and drink some beer. It’s amazing what’s possible when you don’t panic.

Do people not realize that snow is not a reason for a national emergency? During WWII, our soldiers held the line during the Battle of the Bulge as German artillery rained down on them in the freezing temps. They also lacked ammunition and proper winter clothing. (RELATED: Watching ‘Band Of Brothers’ Never Gets Old. Here’s Why It’s Such A Great Series)

Yet, they didn’t break or give an inch to the Nazis. If a 20-year-old man is capable of holding off German tanks when it’s freezing out with nothing more than his M1 rifle, then I think you’ll survive your drive to the grocery store.

If not, then I suggest you learn to toughen up. Next time you complain about shoveling the driveway, just be thankful that bombs aren’t falling down on your head while doing it.

Things can always get worse. Trust me. You’re doing just fine in life if there’s a little snow on the ground. Until German tanks start advancing on your position, I don’t want to hear any complaints about the cold or the snow. This is America. We win wars. We don’t complain about the temps.