This Innovative New Smartphone Was Built To Meet Military Specs

Jack Kocsis Director of Commerce
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In the past, the whole world waited with baited breath every time Apple was about to release a new iPhone. The company was seen as the purveyor of incredible innovation and would promise to always be ahead of its competitors by offering the latest and greatest in smartphone technology.

As Apple’s declining sales indicate, that is no longer the case. The tepid response to the fall release of the iPhone XS and XR show that people are ready for something different in the smartphone space, rather than the same old features repackaged with ever higher price tags.

It is because of this that I want to direct your attention to the Kickstarter for a new smartphone, the DOOGEE S90. Claiming to be the “most versatile unbreakable smartphone,” the S90 employs a creative (and fresh) modular design. In addition to the regular functionalities of a smartphone, the S90 can be a night vision camera, a walkie-talkie, a power bank and even a portable game console. By supporting this smartphone on Kickstarter, you can get the phone at the Super Early Bird price of $299 or take advantage of the bundle and get all four modules as well for a total of $399.

Photo via Kickstarter

Photo via Kickstarter

DOOGEE S90 — $299 to $399 at Super Early Bird Price

The DOOGEE S90 meets all the criteria that would appeal to Daily Caller readers. The rugged design was created to meet military specs and operate in the most challenging of outdoor environments, meeting or exceeding the harshest tests of temperature & transport shocks, humidity, mold, salt spray corrosion, explosive gas, vibration, ballistic shock and more.

Learn more about the DOOGEE S90 at the DOOGEE website and pledge your Super Early Bird support at the Kickstarter today.


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