Mark Levin: Mueller’s Office Released Buzzfeed Report Denial ‘To Cover Their Asses’

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Conservative radio host Mark Levin criticized Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s office in the wake of its denial of a recent Buzzfeed report which claimed former Trump attorney Michael Cohen had testified that he had been instructed by his former boss to lie to Congress.

During a Friday night appearance on “Hannity,” Levin contended that Mueller’s office released its denial of the Buzzfeed report earlier that evening not because of the story’s merits or lack thereof, but rather “to cover their asses because they don’t want a leak investigation.”


The conservative radio host began by criticizing Mueller’s office for allowing the report to continue in the news as long as it did, resulting in “false reporting” and President Trump “being smeared.”

“They won’t be held to account,” he said. “They won’t apologize. They will continue on tomorrow until the next great fake story.” (RELATED: New York Times: Source ‘Familiar With Mr. Cohen’s Testimony’ Disputes Buzzfeed Report)

When the special counsel’s office did release its statement, however, Levin believed it “didn’t do anybody any favors.”

“I will tell you why they issued their statement around 7:30 p.m. Eastern time tonight, because I was on the radio, among other things, demanding that the attorney general of the United States, Mr. Whitaker, and the deputy attorney general of the United States, Mr. Rosenstein, immediately launch a leak investigation, because if these reporters, these two clowns were right — of course they weren’t — but if they were, the only place these documents, texts, and emails could have come from is Mr. Mueller’s office.”

Which would have resulted in a “leak investigation,” Levin contended.

“[T]he fact is, Mr. Mueller’s office did not want a leak investigation,” he said. “There was every basis to have a leak investigation if, in fact, the Justice Department believed this story was accurate. So they didn’t release this rare statement just because they are good people. They released it to cover their asses because they don’t want a leak investigation again.”

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