Sarah Sanders Sends Harsh Message To The Media After BuzzFeed, Covington Catholic Debacle

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Mike Brest Reporter
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White House press secretary Sarah Sanders criticized the media in a Tuesday night interview on “Hannity” following the pushback on BuzzFeed’s bombshell report and the debacle surrounding students from Covington Catholic.

Covington Catholic High School made headlines over the weekend when a video of MAGA hat-wearing students being confronted by a Native American man went viral. While many assigned blame to the students, it became clear when more video surfaced, that they did not initiate the confrontation. (RELATED: Covington Catholic Student In MAGA Hat Says He Wasn’t Disrespectful)


“Sharyl Attkisson has a list of 67 media mistakes in the Trump era, the definitive list. I printed out literally 47 small print pages of the Washington Examiner of mistakes the media has made in the reporting about the president in one year alone and that would be 2017,” Hannity began. “His reaction to it, and does now the president’s branding a fake news — is that forever etched into the minds of the American people when they see events like this on Friday and then followed by Covington [Catholic] and what happened to those students?”

“Honestly, Sean, we hope not. We hope fake news does not become the forever brand of the news media, because it is not good for the country, as the president said. He would love for people to report things accurately. I think what happened with BuzzFeed is a great lesson for the media. Quit trying to be first and start trying to be right,” Sanders began. (RELATED: Kathy Griffin Gets Dunked On For Suggesting Covington Catholic Basketball Players Used ‘Nazi’ Hand Gesture)

BuzzFeed reported last Thursday that Cohen told prosecutors working for Robert Mueller that the president instructed him to lie to Congress about his efforts to build a Trump Tower in Moscow during the 2016 presidential campaign, but the special counsel’s office refuted their story.

“We have seen time and time again where they run out here with these outrageous ridiculous stories. One person reports it to begin with and they all jump on it. We saw it again with the Covington students. I’ve never seen people so happy to destroy a kid’s life,” she continued. “When that becomes the norm in the media in America simply because they are associated with this president, that is disgraceful and that should never happen. Let’s hope that this is a lesson to all of the media, to everyone. Let’s focus on getting things right, not getting them first.”

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