Milwaukee Brewers Stadium Miller Park Will Be Getting A New Name

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David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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Miller Park is getting a name change in the next couple years.

Forbes reported the following Wednesday morning about the name change for the home of the Milwaukee Brewers:

In all of sports, there may be no better pairing of team and corporate sponsor than in Milwaukee, where Major League Baseball’s Brewers, named in honor of the city’s beer-making history, play in Miller Park, named for the last of the mega-breweries that made the city famous.

That partnership, though, will soon come to an end as the Brewers announced Tuesday that American Family Insurance will replace Miller as the stadium’s naming rights sponsor in 2021.

Yeah, they might want to have riot police on standby because this one could get ugly. You can’t change the name of Miller Park and expect people to just roll over and accept it. That’s simply not going to happen.

Wisconsin is all about cold beers and sports. You know what is a major part of that culture? Miller Lite, which is why the park’s name is so damn popular.

Now, they’re going to let an insurance company pick the name. Give me a break. That is a terrible idea. I’m not even the biggest baseball fan on the planet, but I can absolutely tell you this is stupid beyond belief.

You can’t change our culture without a fight! We won’t allow it! People from around Wisconsin will band together and fight a million wars on a million different fronts to keep Miller Park. (RELATED: Is It Anti-American To Hate Shower Beers?)


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Wait, what?!

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Don’t test a Wisconsin man when it comes to beer and his sports. That’s a losing fight 10 times out of 10.

Prepare for battle, gentlemen. The eyes of the world are now upon us, and what we do in the coming months will determine the course of history for a generation.