Show Your Support For President Trump’s Wall With These Limited Edition Shirts

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The government shutdown has gone on for over a month now; yet Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats still will not agree to the president’s request of $5 billion to build the wall on the Mexican-U.S. border. Every day the wall is not built, there is more illegal mass migration into our United States of America. It is quite clear that something has to be done — specifically, President Trump needs to fulfill his campaign promise to Build the Wall.

If you support President Trump and his valiant efforts to keep America safe from crime and illegal entry, consider getting one of these limited edition “If We Build It” shirts, available in several sizes and colors:

Build The Wall

If We Build It, They Can’t Come shirts — $21.99

Perhaps if enough scared and patriotic Americans don this apparel, our politicians will finally get a sense of the gravity of the situation we find ourselves in. We can only hope.

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