PARSCALE: 7 Reasons To Send A Brick To Chuck Schumer And Nancy Pelosi

Brad Parscale Trump 2020 Campaign Manager
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Since the Democrats keep stonewalling instead of delivering real border security, we’ll just have to send them a message about the need to build a wall, brick by brick.

President Trump has now made it possible to send House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer a physical reminder of the crisis their obstructionism is allowing to rage on our southern border.

Chuck and Nancy are holding the government — not to mention 800,000 federal workers — hostage, just to keep President Trump from building the proven, effective physical barrier that they themselves supported until the president made it the centerpiece of his election campaign.

The Democrats’ shutdown has already cost American taxpayers more than all the new agents, facilities, judges, medical services, and, yes, the wall — combined.

Americans can help put an end to this farce by sending as many foam bricks as they like to Schumer and Pelosi, courtesy of the president’s re-election campaign. These symbolic pieces of the vital wall Americans have been denied for decades will go a long way to convince the Democrats’ stubborn leaders that they can’t ignore the border crisis any longer.

Each faux-brick is emblazoned with one of the many powerful reasons why Chuck and Nancy need to quit their theatrics and give our Border Patrol and other law enforcement officers the tools they need to secure the border. Confronted with these seven stark realities of our border crisis, Chuck and Nancy will be hard-pressed to keep claiming it’s imaginary.

Here are seven of the powerful facts that reveal why we need a wall.

  • In 2018, enough fentanyl crossed our borders to kill every man, woman, and child in America.
  • Illegal immigration costs taxpayers $116 billion per year.
  • 89 percent of Border Patrol agents say a wall is “absolutely necessary.”
  • Illegal aliens are three times more likely to commit murder.
  • An estimated 80 percent of women are assaulted on the journey to the border.
  • 79 percent of Americans believe that “illegal immigration is a problem or crisis.”
  • In 2018, illegal drugs killed more Americans than the entire Vietnam War.

Chuck and Nancy are already rattled, and it’s making them resort to petty, desperate measures, such as threatening to cancel one of America’s most significant political traditions, the State of the Union Address.

Pelosi quickly learned that she’s not the only one who can play hardball, when President Trump stymied her effort to sneak out of the country for a week-long trip to the Middle East in the midst of the ongoing government shutdown.

After backing out of flying commercial, Pelosi was so discombobulated that she was reduced to making outrageous, patently false accusations about the White House “leaking” her travel plans.

The American people have had about enough of Chuck and Nancy’s obstructionist stunts. They obviously know how much pain their self-serving strategy is causing, because they’re constantly trying to blame it on President Trump.

More Americans than ever are telling pollsters that they support real border security — including the physical barriers that President Trump and our law enforcement professionals are demanding. One poll found that 69 percent of Americans support “building a fence in high crime areas.” Another poll showed that even among those who oppose building a wall, almost half want Chuck and Nancy to compromise with the president to re-open the government.

Moderate Democrats are starting to notice this groundswell of popular opinion, as we saw recently when several Democrat members of the House Problem Solvers Caucus accepted President Trump’s invitation to continue negotiations, which Chuck and Nancy had rejected only the day before. Even Majority Leader Steny Hoyer (D-MD) is rejecting Pelosi’s ridiculous notion that a border wall is “immoral” and openly stating that walls “obviously” work.

Unfortunately, the top Democratic leaders are still kowtowing to the open-borders fringe of their party. They still need a little more convincing that the American people are fed up with their antics.

So let’s send a brick to Chuck and Nancy until they end their in explicable obstructionism, agree to re-open the government, and let President Trump protect our communities with the border wall that America needs.

Brad Parscale (@Parscale) is the campaign manager for Donald J. Trump for President, Inc.

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