Watch This Guy Try To Sneak Into The Patriots Locker Room With A Stolen Security Jacket

(Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images)

Jena Greene Reporter
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A man tried to break into the Patriots’ locker room following their Super Bowl LIII victory Sunday night, but the plot did not go so well.

As you’re about to see from this video, the unnamed man wearing a Patriots jersey somehow got ahold of a red S.A.F.E. security jacket, put it on and tried to walk through the rest of the real security guards in an effort to gain access to the Pats locker room.

Authorities aren’t sure why he thought this was a good idea or what he was planning to do if and when he gained access into the area. We have a hunch his motives have something to do with alcohol. (RELATED: Red Sox Fans Pulled One Of The Most Disrespectful Moves In Sports History During This Game)


Let’s see that from another angle:

When asked where he obtained the security jacket, the man vaguely motioned away from the locker room and answered, “She gave it to me.” Unclear at this point who “she” is and whether she really did want this random, likely intoxicated Pats fan to, indeed, have her jacket.

If he had gained access into the locker room, he probably would have been met with a scene that looked something like this:

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