Jennifer Lopez Reveals She’s Been Practicing Her Pole Dancing For Stripper Role

REUTERS/Andrew Kelly

Katie Jerkovich Entertainment Reporter
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Jennifer Lopez revealed Wednesday that she’s been learning how to pole dance for an upcoming stripper role in a movie called “Hustlers.”

“This is true. That is not a rumor! We do have a pole at the house right now,” the 49-year-old actress, who always looks stunning, shared during her appearance on “The Jimmy Kimmel Live” show when asked about reports that she’s been working on some new moves for a film role.  (RELATED: 25 Times Jennifer Lopez Proved She Doesn’t Age [SLIDESHOW])


“It’s a portable pole,” she added. “First of all, this is gonna go bad… but you can practice with it there. I have a girl who comes in and teaches me.”

Lopez continued, “It’s very hard. It’s a girl from Cirque du Soleil. She’s fantastic and she works with me and, I mean, I have bruises everywhere.”

“It’s so hard. I have a lot of respect for people who do the pole,” the “Second Act” star admitted. “It’s, like, acrobatic. It’s different muscle groups and the things they do with their legs and everything, go upside down.”

“I’m like, ‘What? I can’t… hold on. Can we do that part again,'” she added. “It’s hard.”

Later, she revealed that she and her beau Alex Rodriguez will be “hanging out in some strip clubs” doing some research for the part.

Earlier in the day, the “Maid In Manhattan” star stopped by “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” and opened up about how she gave up carbs and sugar for 10 days in preparation for the role. She admitted that in the first few days it was very difficult.


“You feel like you’re in an alternate reality or universe, like you don’t feel like yourself. And you realize, like you’re addicted to sugar and you think about it all the time,” Lopez shared, admitting she was dreaming about when she could eat bread and sugar again.

“Then when you go back to the sugar you don’t want it as much,” she added. “It’s something you get used to a little bit. It takes down the inflammation and all the sudden you feel smaller and less swollen and than you get addicted to that feeling too.”