Woman Designs Handbag Using Her Amputated Leg Skin

(Credit: Shutterstock Igisheva Maria)

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A Manchester woman wants to turn her amputated leg skin into a handbag for keepsakes.

According to the New York Post, Joan suffers from peripheral arterial disease and is in need of a leg amputation. Uniquely, this woman wants to preserve the skin of her leg in a handbag design. You can scroll down and check out her idea here.

Joan first posted her request on Sewport asking for someone to help her dream come true. Sewport is backing her request saying that it is reasonable and all they need is someone who has worked with preserving animal leather.

Joan told Sewport that she does not like the idea of her leg skin being thrown in a dump to rot. Which kind of makes sense. However, putting it onto a bag just seems like taking it really far. Maybe there is another way to fix her issue? (RELATED: This Two-Sided Tote Bag Allows You To Change Your Style)

Can you imagine walking around with a handbag and, when someone asks you what it’s made of, you respond, “Oh! My leg skin!” That’s insane.

What if this just became the new norm? Maybe in 10 years, people will be wearing body part earrings or body part belts. Sick.