These Automotive Battery Testers Not Only Work Great, They Are Also On Sale

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As far cars go, I always prefer to buy used and pay cash in order to save money long term. While this usually results in long-term savings, older cars have a tendency to flair up with a lot of un-explainable problems and they usually require constant monitoring, so imagine my surprise when I finally got my hand on two Ancel products that allowed me to analyze and test the battery on my Chevy with incredible ease.
(Photo via Amazon)

(Photo via Amazon)

Pick up these battery testers while supplies last and get the peace of mind you deserve when it comes to your car, truck or even boat for a discounted price! 
The first product, the Ancel Ba101 is small and can fit comfortably in one hand during use, and when I say it tells you everything you need to make sure your car battery is doing okay, I mean that. This digital battery tester provides readings for voltage, charge, cracking power, ohm resistance (which I learned is essentially how much “life” your battery has left) within seconds of use. This tester also takes things a step further than competitors by letting you know your vehicle starters cranking conditions and the current status of your vehicles charging system, but ultimately the clean readouts on a large LCD display provides an easy user experience that will provide helpful information for automotive pros and amateurs alike!
Get everything you need to test and analyze your battery (Photo via Amazon)

Get everything you need to test and analyze your battery (Photo via Amazon)

Take 25 percent off this ANCEL BA101 Professional 12V 100-2000 CCA 220AH Automotive Load Battery Tester Digital Analyzer Bad Cell Test Tool for Car/Boat/Motorcycle and More
The second product, Ancel’s BST 500 somehow finds a way to improve on the usefulness of the BA101, especially if you own a maintenance shop and like to provide information to customers or need information for record keeping purposes. Aside from offering all of the features of the BA101, the BST 500 has a built-in printer that can print battery test results on the spot using thermal printer paper that prints out clean white reports that are super useful for business purposes! Additionally, this battery tester can test more than just the standard 12v battery you might find in your car truck or boat, as this battery tester can even even scan the systems of motorcycles, lawn mowers, tractors and other battery operated large devices.
Introducing the BST500 (Photo via Amazon)

Introducing the BST500 (Photo via Amazon)

This ANCEL BST500 12V/24V 100-2000 CCA Automotive Battery Load Tester, Car Cranking and Charging System Analyzer Scan Tool with Printer for Heavy Duty Trucks, Cars, Motorcycles and More is now more than 30 percent off
Speaking from my experience I can say that both of the above products work great and while I don’t personally have as much need for the BST500, I found the additional features it offered well worth the price tag. And speaking of prices, best of all you can get both of these battery testers on sale for a limited time. While the BA101 normally retails for $55, by using the promo code GV7CHY2Y at checkout you can take 15% off, and by applying a coupon the product detail page you can save an additional 10% off meaning altogether you can get the BA101 for 25 percent off!
Meanwhile the BST500 is normally $140, but you can get a hefty discount of 20% by using the code QKSOVRJD at checkout-and if you combine it with this 10% coupon on the product detail page, altogether you can take 30 percent off!
So what are you waiting for? Make sure to pick up these battery testers while supplies last and get the peace of mind you deserve when it comes to your car, truck or even boat!
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