‘Enough To Kill 10 Million People’ — DEA Agent Discusses ‘Tremendous’ $150 Million Fentanyl Bust

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DEA Special Agent In Charge Ray Donovan joined Fox News anchor Martha MacCallum on Tuesday to discuss a $150 million fentanyl bust that took enough of the drug off the streets “to kill 10 million people.”


MacCallum introduced Donovan by noting the significance of the bust he oversaw, which “took $150 million worth of fentanyl off the streets.”

“That particular investigation we got tipped off by the community really,” Donovan told MacCallum, responding to the Fox News anchor’s question about how they found the house. “You had this violent organization that set up shop in … an upscale neighborhood, and these drug traffickers would go there because it’s quiet. It’s close to the highway. It’s easy to get into the city. What they didn’t know is that the neighborhood was watching.”

“What about this truck that you got in New Jersey?” asked MacCallum.

“So that truck that we seized in New Jersey over the weekend, there were 20 kilos of fentanyl seized,” responded Donovan. “That is a tremendous. That’s $150 million worth of fentanyl that we prevented from hitting the streets of New York City.” (RELATED: Drug Agents Bust Mexican Nationals Trafficking Largest Meth Supply In Ohio’s History)

“When you think about it, that’s enough to kill 10 million people,” he continued. “All throughout the city. And so taking that off really and that was a high-scale operation, that organization was moving hundreds.”

Donovan described investigations “connected in California and in Mexico,” and two ways the drugs are entering the country: “Through the port of entries and through the land. That particular organization would transport it across the United States in tractor trailers or through trains.”

“They will shotgun 25 vehicles and they will expect to lose five of those vehicles,” he said. “It’s part of doing business for them.”

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