WEISS: Media Discard Operating Norms To Give McCabe And Other Trump-Haters A Helping Hand


Adam Weiss CEO of AMW PR
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As a public relations expert who has worked with many high profile clients over the years  the media double standard and obvious bias when it comes to booking promotional interviews for my conservative clients is glaring.

There is one set of rules to do PR for a book that attacks the president and another separate set of rules for books that discuss this administration favorably, or even neutrally. Nobody in the mainstream media wants to hear about anything good that the president has done, and they make that very clear to those of us dealing with them.

When promoting books for clients like Anthony Scaramucci, Kimberly Guilfoyle, Judge Jeanine Pirro, David Bossie and Corey Lewandowski  it is always the same situation. Every outlet or network is generally happy to do an interview, but they want the exclusive. This means that if, say, I booked Scaramucci on NBC’s Today Show  ABC’s Good Morning America wouldn’t want to speak with him. You usually get one shot, because nobody wants leftovers once it has already been done. This has pretty much always been the standard across the board, until the Trump administration.

Since the 2016 election, these long standing rules and standard practices go out the window for leftists or “Never-Trumpers” who have bad things to say about the current administration in their books. The networks and news outlets trip over themselves to cover their writings, no matter how ridiculous or far-fetched their stories may be. People with anti-Trump books will appear on your television all day, no matter what network you tune to, as part of self-promoting media tours.

For example, former Acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe did an interview with 60 Minutes and has since appeared on nearly every major network at least once. He is receiving the type of free publicity that people in my industry can normally only dream of — because the liberal media have an agenda they are trying to push and his book helps them.

The same was true for disgraced former FBI Director James Comey, Bob Woodward, Michael Wolff and pretty much anyone else with an axe to grind against the president. If you wrote a book bashing him, you are guaranteed maximum exposure. The rules of book PR are thrown out the window when it suits the liberal media’s narrative.

The media is incentivizing hating the president with seemingly unlimited valuable airtime for promotion. It is hard to imagine that other book agents and public relations professionals aren’t also noticing this trend and encouraging clients to go after the president harder, for the free publicity. Grifts attacking the president are a lucrative business model in this day and age of mass hysteria.

While the networks will claim this lack of common practice for some is because they are more “newsworthy,” that is only the case because they are wanting to present news with a certain perspective. Scaramucci and Lewandowski both also worked with President Trump and certainly have stories to tell  but as people who aren’t engaged in some imaginary war against the administration they didn’t get unlimited airtime to share their tales.

While the public can clearly see the bias from the liberal media with cases like Covington Catholic, the near daily misrepresentation of the president’s intentions, or how they overlook any violence against Trump supporters — their efforts go even deeper.

The mainstream media can pretend to be unbiased until they are blue in the face, but those of us who work in public relations and have to deal with them regularly can see right through them.

Adam Weiss (@AdamMatthew) is the CEO of AMW PR, a New York political strategy and communications firm. His firm has represented Kimberly Guilfoyle, Judge Jeanine Pirro, Corey Lewandowski, David Bossie, Anthony Scaramucci and more.

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