Get 65 Hours Of Training On Salesforce For Just $20

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Salesforce is one of the most in-demand skills in today’s technology-driven economy. Don’t get left behind. The Salesforce Certification Training Bundle will give you the tools you need to launch yourself up the corporate ladder.

Formerly $900, the course was reduced to $29.99. In a limited time deal, the course is on sale for $19.99 in the Daily Caller shop today.

Become certified in one of the most in-demand skills in the market

Become certified in one of the most in-demand skills in the market

Save over $850 for a limited time when you get this Salesforce Certification Training Bundle in the Daily Caller Shop  

The Salesforce Certification Training Bundle offers an introduction to Artificial Intelligence and Data Science with no prior coding experience necessary. The 26 courses are in plain English so even beginners can become experts.

The Salesforce Cloud Consultation will earn you entry in IT’s hottest new field. These skills will allow you to make your own hours as a consultant to Fortune 500 companies.

The Salesforce Platform App Builder Developer 401 Certification gives you the tools to create your own apps without any coding experience. You could create the next billion dollar company after completing the 195 lessons.

Keeping up with the newest technology is essential to moving up in your career. The Salesforce Certification Training Bundle doesn’t just give you the skills for a new job, it will train you to start your own company. Take charge of your future when you buy the course for 90% off. In a special offer, this course bundle is only $19.99 in the Daily Caller shop.

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