Save And Start Your Day Off Right With The Keurig Elite On Sale For A Limited Time

Katie Kocsis Contributor
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The last few days of March can be a stressful time for high school seniors. Colleges are sending out their acceptances and many are anxiously awaiting their top schools. I remember this time last year: I had already made my college decision and I watched as my friends were constantly checking their phones. As they tried to determine where they were going to spend their next four years, I was gearing up for my dorm room.

The most important thing I needed in my dorm was a Keurig Coffee Maker. Sure, I wanted my colors to match my roommates like any other girl, but the Keurig was the number one necessity to decorate my room. If you’re a coffee fanatic like myself, you’re in luck. Amazon is having a sale on the Keurig Elite Single Serve. Usually $169.99, it’s having a 15% sale down to $145.00. It is the perfect addition to a dorm room.

The Keurig Elite is ideal for a dorm room. Not only can you make different coffee than your roommate, but there’s a hot water button. Just place the bowl of oatmeal or a cup with tea, press hot water, and boom – breakfast is ready.

Don’t have a college student who needs a Keurig? Buy it for yourself! It is the perfect fit for any apartment or home. Everyone in my family likes their coffee differently. My dad and brothers prefer it really strong. My mom and I like it strong, but we don’t want it tasting like mud. By using a Keurig, everyone can use the K-cup they’d rather have.

The Keurig Elite is perfect for anyone, in college or not. It takes less than a minute to brew coffee with this Keurig. There are also all sorts of perks. If you’d rather a stronger cup, there’s a “strong brew” button. Not a hot coffee fan? There’s even a button to make iced coffee from the Keurig.

What are you waiting for? Buy the Keurig Elite now.

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