Mitch McConnell Might Like The New Nickname Dick Durbin Gave Him

Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Democratic Illinois Sen. Dick Durbin gave Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell a new nickname during Thursday’s Senate Judiciary Committee meeting.

Several journalists noted that, during the meeting, Durbin referred to McConnell as “Nuclear Mitch.”

While Durbin clearly intended the moniker to be insulting — it was a reference to Senate Republicans’ push to use the nuclear option in order to confirm President Donald Trump’s nominees without input from Senate Democrats — it’s possible that it could backfire in the same way that McConnell’s previous nickname — “Cocaine Mitch” — did.

Townhall editor Guy Benson added that McConnell’s new nickname was actually made possible by former Democratic Nevada Sen. Harry Reid, who first introduced the nuclear option as a way around the opposition party.

Cocaine Mitch” was also intended to be an insult. Knowyourmeme explained that it originated with then-Senate candidate Don Blankenship, who said in a campaign video, “One of my goals as U.S. senator will be to ditch ‘Cocaine Mitch.'” (RELATED: McConnell Trolls Blankenship On Twitter After Primary Loss)

Blankenship was referring to an article in The Nation magazine from 2014 that claimed 40 kilograms of cocaine were found on a cargo ship owned by McConnell’s wife’s family.

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