Biden Attempts To Walk Back China’s ‘Not Competition’ Remarks

Kerry Picket Political Reporter
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Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden on Saturday clarified remarks he made about China not being an economic threat to the U.S. last week.

“I don’t suggest China is not a problem. I’m the guy who’s been the toughest on – I’ve spent more time with Xi Jinping than anybody else, just because the nature of my job,” Biden said during a fundraiser at the home of Richard “Dick” Harpootlian, an attorney and former South Carolina Democratic Party chairman in Columbia, South Carolina.

“He’s got problems, he’s got gigantic problems. Doesn’t mean he’s not a threat, doesn’t mean they’re not a threat,” Biden added.

Last Wednesday, while campaigning in Iowa, Biden argued that China, the world’s second-largest economy, was “not competition” for the United States. (RELATED: Biden Calls Trump A ‘Clown’ Before Saying He Won’t Get Into A Mud Fight With Him)

“China is going to eat our lunch? Come on, man,” Biden said. “They can’t even figure out how to deal with the fact that they have this great division between the China Sea and the mountains in the east, I mean in the west.”

Joe Biden Speaking in a campaign event in 2012 in Merrimack, New Hampshire, Marc Nozell, Creative Commons

Joe Biden Speaking in a campaign event in 2012 in Merrimack, New Hampshire, Marc Nozell, Creative Commons

Biden continued, “They can’t figure out how they’re going to deal with the corruption that exists within the system. I mean, you know, they’re not bad folks, folks. But guess what, they’re not, they’re not competition for us.”

Although Biden made similar comments in the past, his Wednesday remarks drew rebukes from not just Republicans but also Democrats.

“It’s wrong to pretend that China isn’t one of our major economic competitors,” the Sanders campaign  tweeted. “When we are in the White House we will win that competition by fixing our trade policies.”

Ohio Democratic Rep. Tim Ryan  called Biden “stunningly out of touch.”

President Donald Trump campaigned on changing U.S. trade policy with China. This past week he attempted to compel the Asian country to strike a deal with his administration by doubling tariffs on $200 billion of China’s sales to the U.S.

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