Florida Football Coach Dan Mullen Doesn’t ‘See Anything Acceptable’ About Violence Towards Women

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David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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Florida football coach Dan Mullen wants people to know he’s anti-violence against women.

The Gators have had multiple off-the-field issues recently, and women have been involved. Quarterback Jalon Jones was accused of sexual misconduct by multiple women, cornerback Brian Edwards was arrested after allegedly getting physical with his girlfriend and staffer Otis Yelverton was arrested after allegedly threatening a woman.

It’s only made worse when you factor in Jones’ roommate requesting a different living situation and then leaving when not getting it soon enough. (RELATED: Florida Quarterback Jalon Jones Accused Of Sexual Battery, Is Looking To Transfer)


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Mullen said the following Wednesday about the issues, according to the Orlando Sentinel:

Obviously, anybody that knows me [knows] I like to take an extremely strong stance on that. I don’t see anything acceptable about that, any violence against women, whether it’s a violent act or a wrongful sexual act toward women. But I also like to have all the information before making final decisions.


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Good for you, Mullen. What a brave stance! What an incredibly brave stance to have, that violence against women isn’t acceptable. He’s truly a model for how we should view alleged domestic abuse. Truly revolutionary stuff from the former Mississippi State coach on this one.

I’m glad to know there’s at least one person in the world of sports who is against hitting women. I was starting to think nobody was.


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In all seriousness, having three off-the-field issues involving women in one single offseason is a horrible look for Mullen and the Gators.

I’m not saying Mullen is at fault for all this stuff. You obviously can’t monitor your players around the clock, but the buck has to stop with him.

He also claimed he “continually” works with players on decision making, but he might want to try a bit harder.

Hopefully, Mullen gets it figured out because this is an ugly look for his program and school.