Joy Behar Says All Republicans In Office Need To Be Thrown In Jail — Backpedals Immediately

Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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“The View” co-host Joy Behar said Tuesday that all Republicans in office ought to be thrown in jail for backing a “corrupt president” and his “corrupt administration,” then immediately claimed that it was just “hyperbole.”


Referencing former White House counsel Don McGahn’s refusal to testify before the House Judiciary Committee on orders from President Donald Trump, Whoopi Goldberg asked Sunny Hostin, a former prosecutor, whether she thought that amounted to obstruction.

“I think he’s in contempt of the subpoena and I think that there will certainly be repercussions,” Hostin said. “I think he can be fined and hauled into jail for it.”

Behar suggested that perhaps former President Richard Nixon was born in the wrong era, arguing that in today’s climate he might have “gotten away with everything.”

“Nixon would be — he would say I was in the wrong period of history because he would have gotten away with everything just like this corrupt president is getting away with,” Behar claimed. “This is an unbelievably corrupt president, corrupt administration, and the Republican Party is right behind him and they all should be thrown into jail as far as I’m concerned.”

“If you’re going to say that all Republicans should be in jail, all of them, that —” Meghan McCain fired back. (RELATED: Meghan McCain: Barr Is Not A ‘Trump Lackey’)

“Every one of them,” Behar repeated.

“You should say Pelosi as well because she’s not forcing impeachment either —” McCain continued.

“Not yet,” Behar said.

“But if all Republicans should go to jail for not doing impeachment, Democrats should be held to the same standard as well,” McCain argued.

“They should go to jail for not impeaching him?” Behar asked.

“Well, isn’t that what you want?” McCain pressed.


McCain pointed out that most Americans have said they’d like to move on from the Russia investigation now that the Mueller report turned out not to be the “smoking gun” some expected it to be. “If you want to impeach the president,” she concluded, “you’re going to have to do a lot better than McGahn not showing up to testify in Congress.”

Turning back to Behar once more, McCain added, “You’re saying that all Republicans holding office should be in jail so I want to know —”

“Well, you know, it’s what you call hyperbole,” Behar shrugged it off.

“It doesn’t sound that way to the Republican at the table for what it’s worth,” McCain fired back. “It sounds a little aggressive.”

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