South Mississippi Lawmaker Allegedly Punched His Wife In The Face Over Sex

Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Republican Mississippi state Rep. Doug McLeod is free on bail after reportedly punching his wife in the face over sex.

According to a report from the Southern Mississippi Sun Herald, McLeod was slurring his speech, “walking in a zig-zag pattern,” and holding a glass of alcohol when deputies arrived on the scene. His wife appeared shaken and bloodied, and blood was found in their bedroom and on the bed.

According to a statement from McLeod’s wife, he had become angry because he wanted to have sex and punched her when he determined that she was not undressing quickly enough.

She reportedly told deputies that he “just snapped,” something that she claimed happened often when he was drinking.


Deputies said that when they arrived, they could hear McLeod yelling through the door, “the cops are here!” When they informed him that a domestic assault had been reported, he exclaimed, “Are you kidding me?” (RELATED: CBS Deleted Fact Check On Sexual Assaults. Two Months Later, It’s Still MIA)

McLeod then attempted to convince deputies that everything was all right.

Another woman who was present at the time of the arrest told deputies that McLeod’s wife had come to her for help. When the two women went into a room and closed the door, they said that McLeod stood outside, banging on the door and demanding that she come out and threatening to kill their dog if she refused to comply.

Mississippi State Sen. David Blount was quick to call for McLeod’s resignation.

Republican Mississippi House Speaker Phillip Gunn said that he has been unable to get a direct statement from McLeod since the incident, but that he plans to call for McLeod’s resignation if the allegations turn out to be true.

“I have attempted to contact Rep. McLeod to request his resignation, if in fact, these allegations are true,” Gunn said. “These actions are unacceptable for anyone.”

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