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NYT Reporter Wears Her Wedding Gown To Cover Japan Event

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Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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At least one White House reporter had to majorly improvise upon learning that she’d need a floor-length ball gown to cover a state banquet in Tokyo.

Thinking on her feet, Annie Karnie, a Washington correspondent for the New York Times, had only one ball gown, so she grabbed it and went. It just so happened to be her wedding dress.

It is quite beautiful.

Here she is in the gown at the far left of the photograph.

Women around Washington gave Karni a big thumbs up.

“Strong move,” wrote Alyssa Farah, the press secretary for VP Mike Pence.

Jamie Schler, a food writer for The Washington Post who badmouths President Trump any chance she gets, added, “That’s actually quite funny. Good for you.”

“Mazal Tov,” quipped Joanne Kenen, an executive editor at Politico.

NBC Chief White House Correspondent Hallie Jackson was just happy she got to witness it.

“Annie, I am HERE FOR THIS,” she wrote.

Mollie Jong-Fast, who writes for The Bulwark, remarked, “A moment for the sitcom version of your life.”

NYT food correspondent Kim Severson cheered her on: “For journalism, sister. For journalism.”

Of course, there was room for dickishness because reporters aren’t exactly popular these days.

“Are readers supposed to feel sympathy?” asked Richard Ebright, a chemistry professor at Rutgers. “Or contempt over the writer’s shallowness, pettiness, and privilege? (I am leaning strongly toward the latter.)”

(Way to ruin the moment, Professor Ebright, who probably doesn’t have a right brain).

Bethany Mandel, who co-hosts “The Sethany Show” with her husband, Washington Examiner‘s Seth Mandel, used this feel-good moment to provide a critique.

“That a picture didn’t accompany this tweet is journalistic malpractice,” she wrote.

Elizabeth Thorp, who played Defense Sec. Maria Ford on House of Cards, seconded Mandel’s thought, exclaiming, “PICS PLEASE!!”

Julia Macfarlane, a foreign affairs reporter for ABC,had one word: “A-MAZING.”

Some guy named Ash Menon, who builds websites,cracked, “Now that’s called being married to your job.”