SERRANO: Democrats Want To Impeach To Find Out What’s Impeachable — Sound Familiar?

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Mark Serrano President, ProActive Communications
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Democrats are looking to begin impeachment proceedings to determine what supposed offenses by President Trump are actually impeachable.

That’s the takeaway from their latest attempt to keep “Russiagate” going, channelling, perhaps unknowingly, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s infamous defense of Obamacare back in 2010.

Many Democrats — and even one attention-hungry Republican, Michigan Rep. Justin Amash — are convinced that President Trump must be impeached. But after two years of investigation by the Special Counsel’s Office, independent probes in both houses of Congress, FISA warrants, electronic surveillance, dozens of hours of public testimony, and countless additional investigations by liberal career prosecutors around the country, they still don’t seem sure about what exactly he should be impeached for.

It certainly isn’t “collusion.” The Mueller report conclusively put to rest any notion of a transnational conspiracy to make voters notice how terrible a candidate Hillary Clinton was.

The Mueller report, in a bizarre hedge, included the infamous “ten instances” of actions that the attorney general and the Justice Department’s top attorneys have all concluded do not qualify as obstruction of justice.

Apart from the aforementioned Rep. Amash, however, no one in Congress seems to think that the obstruction narrative offers a strong enough case for impeachment, even after the liberal media spent weeks trying to twist the Mueller report’s language in order to portray the president in an unflattering light.

So it’s back to square one, right?

Wrong! It’s time for Plan B.

The Democrats have apparently decided that they don’t need to explain their justification for impeachment if they just claim — as loudly and frequently as possible, to compensate for the lack of substance behind their allegations — that Trump is covering something up. It must be bad, they say, so we need to impeach him to find out what it is.

“My belief is he is trying to cover up the impeachable truth,” declared Al Green, who was ready to start impeachment proceedings virtually the moment Trump took office.

Just what that impeachment truth is, however, Green does not deign to say.

“The simple answer is we don’t know,” said Democratic Massachusetts Rep. Seth Moulton. “We don’t know exactly what he’s covering up.”

All we can tell for sure is that the information the president’s antagonists are looking for isn’t lurking in the records of Barack Obama’s Justice Department, which coordinated with secretive and self-serving elements of our spy agencies to get Russiagate started in the first place.

Democrats are absolutely fuming that President Trump has given Attorney General Bill Barr the power to declassify — un-cover up, if you will — those potentially explosive records.

Now that Barr is officially digging around in Obama’s closet, Democrats seem all the more eager to impeach Trump for… something. They seem to be figuring that part out as they go.

What role is the Democrats’ ostensible leader, Pelosi, playing in all this — other than providing the inspiration for the “have to pass it to see what’s in it” nonsense?

She’s stoking her colleagues’ hysteria by giving increasingly unhinged press conferences about “cover-ups” and the need for “interventions.” What she’s not doing is actually allowing her caucus to take any concrete steps towards impeachment.

The reasons should be obvious enough. Impeachment would presumably lead to a trial in the Senate, which would produce a quick acquittal. Pelosi herself has acknowledged as much.

“Cover up” allegations, on the other hand, can go on forever. They’ve already gone on, in one form or another, for almost three years. If the Democrats’ latest flailing accusations are any indication, the end is nowhere in sight.

Democrats are saying that we have to let them pass the articles of impeachment before we can find out what they’re actually accusing the president of “covering up.” That’s the best we’re going to get from them ever, since the evidence is mounting against them and the cabal of partisan hacks who started the first investigation into the Trump campaign, and the ones who pursued the latest investigation to the bitter end with absolutely no evidence against Donald Trump.

Democrats are merely discrediting themselves further than ever since the days of claiming that one must pass legislation to know what’s actually in it.

Mark Serrano (@MarkVSerrano) is the president of ProActive Communications and a senior adviser to Donald J. Trump for President Inc.

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