What’s The Best Bang For Your Buck Frying Pan? We Scoured Amazon Reviews So You Don’t Have To

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Shopping online is supposed to be easy, but if you are anything like me, you may spend hours comparing products trying to make sure you find the right mix of quality and affordability. In an effort to be more helpful to our readers, instead of suggesting just one deal or product that I think you would love, I spent the weekend researching skillets and frying pans, reading customer reviews, testimonials and watching product videos to ensure this is the most comprehensive breakdown I can manage. So without further ado, here is the Daily Caller’s comprehensive list of the best bang for your buck frying pans and skillets:

The Best Overall Skillet :

(Photo via Amazon)

(Photo via Amazon)

What does it take to be the best? Try over 10,000 five star reviews and a price tag of just $15. Not only is this best selling skillet made in Tennessee right here in the US of A, it’s also seasoned with 100% vegetable oil, and the more you use your iron, the better the seasoning will get. One reviewer raves ” I really love this cast iron 10 inch skillet from Lodge! I debated for a long time whether or not purchase one, For me, a purchase like this is about an investment, and I want my investment to last a long time.. I also really like the fact that this is made in the USA. American made products are just not easy to find anymore. But really, the proof in the quality of this cast iron was obvious when i made sweet potato corn bread and baked it in the oven in this skillet. It came out so nice and brown and moist.“ Reviews also note that it is very easy to clean  and non-sticky.

The Best Stainless-Steel Skillet :

If you are someone who swears by stainless steel, we ave found a skillet that meets both the quality and affordability test we applied above. This Cuisinart Multiclad pan looks absolutely gorgeous and many reviewers mention how durable the pans are, and how helpful they are for cooking roasts. Oh, and did we mention it’s just $29.95!

The Best Nonstick Skillet

If you are just looking for a skillet that is non stick, look no further, as this pan is one the best and least expensive nonstick pan available on Amazon.  For just $32, reviewers fee you can’t do better, with many reviewers praising the overall T-Fal professional series of pans for their cooking utility.

The Best Frying Pan

If you are one of the lucky few who know the difference between a skillet and a frying pan, this frying pan may be the quality cookware you are looking for. It requires it’s own seasoning and reviewers maintain that it also requires regular maintenance and cleaning, but reviewers also are raving about it’s non-stick features and the ease of sauté.

The Best Stainless Steel Frying Pan Set

Once again, some people prefer stainless steel, and if you are on of those people and you need a frying pan, you can not go wrong with this double-handle Cuisinart skillet set. In addition to the high stainless steel quality, reviewers are praising the safety of the pan as the handle allows you to keep your distance from the stove-top and shift and flip food with ease.

Bonus: The Best Wok

While we have covered the best frying pan and skillet options, a cookware peice I simply could not go without mentioning is this cast iron wok. If you are unfamiliar with woks, they are primarily used to cook asian dishes such as stir-frys, but some reviewers mention it’s also a great way to make stove-top popcorn for the kids. One reviewr noted that they even made bacon tomato sauce in the wok, making it a versatile asset to any any kitchenware set!

And that’s all folks. I hope you find the research we did helpful in saving you some shopping time and getting your kitchen stocked with quality and affordable kitchenware.

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