VOTE: Who Is The Hottest Royal?

Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images

Lexi Lonas Contributor
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Queens, princesses and first ladies all have one thing in common: They are absolutely stunning.

Living up to the royal standard is not an easy job, but there are some ladies who do it with grace and beauty.

These women live in the spotlight of the media and are always fabulous while doing it. They have the style that matches the job description and never miss a step.

Royalty comes in all ages, from young duchesses in the U.K. to older queens in Jordan. Each with their own unique culture and style. They have done everything from modeling to acting to advocating for the poor. They inspire millions of people around the world and look good while doing it.

These women have earned their crowns and have shown the world they know how to wear it. Now the toughest question to be answered today, who is the hottest royal? Vote below!