VOTE: Which President Had The Best Dog?

Drew Angerer/Getty Images

Lexi Lonas Contributor
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Former presidents all have one good thing in common: their dogs.

Past presidents are usually defined by their tax cuts and foreign policy ideas, but we should be focusing on their dogs.

In polarized times like these, nobody can agree on anything. The only thing that can bring us together is the cuteness of a furry animal on four paws. This animal might be the last hope to bring this country together.

Trump is the first president in almost 130 years to not have a dog in the White House. However, that means there are plenty of presidential canines that have roamed the White House. A dog is the most popular animal for a president to have, with 30 out of 45 presidents having the furry friend.

The last five presidents have had some very cute dogs walking around. It is a hard choice, but which president had the best dog? Vote Below!