SADLER: Pelosi Can Lead The Impeachment Parade, But Not Solve Real Problems

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Kelly Sadler Contributor
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House Speaker Nancy Pelosi should be expelled from Congress.

Her do-nothing leadership is leading to the deaths of migrant children at the U.S. Southern border, an unprecedented influx of illegal immigration, and the loss of hundreds of thousands of jobs for U.S. workers.

Instead of passing common sense border control, bringing the U.S.-Mexico-Canada-Agreement (USMCA) for a vote on the U.S. House floor and solving the problems this nation cares about — Pelosi reportedly told senior Democrats this week she’d like to see the president “in prison.”

Pelosi’s lost control of her caucus and instead of enacting meaningful reform, is allowing them to pursue endless investigations into a sitting president who has been cleared of obstruction and collusion charges by both the Mueller report and the U.S. Department of Justice.

Make no mistake, there is a full-blown emergency on our southern border. May marked the third month in a row that border detentions topped 100,000 — more than the population of Cleveland, Ohio migrating to the U.S. in one month. U.S. Customs and Border Patrol told reporters this week holding cells were “bursting at the seams.”

President Trump has requested Congress allocate $2.9 billion in emergency funding to expand shelters and care — if Congress doesn’t allocate the additional funds, the Department of Health and Human Services could run out of money by the end of June. Overwhelmed and underfunded at least two migrant children died at the U.S.-Mexican border under U.S. care last month.

So what’s Pelosi doing to solve this humanitarian and national security crisis?


No additional funding was given to the border in Congress’s disaster relief bill passed this week. The Democrat-controlled House Appropriations Committee released a $63.8 billion bill on June 4 to fund Homeland Security operations — which included no additional monies for border patrol agents, border checkpoints or barriers. It also bans the administration from using any money to construct a border wall. So much for compromise.

Pelosi is also slow walking trade improvements. The White House renegotiated the North American Free Trade Agreement, which all told, will create 176,000 new American jobs, infuse $68.2 billion into our economy, and provide 2 million manufacturing positions. It is a promise the president made to the American people and has delivered on.

The White House started the clock on the approval process for the new agreement last week by formally notifying Congress it would be submitting the legislation, at a minimum, within 30 days.

So what did Pelosi do? On Wednesday, she reiterated she wanted changes in the USMCA  that would demand a new round of negotiations between the U.S., Canada and Mexico — essentially stalling passage of the bill. Moreover, the concessions she wants are for Mexicans not Americans. She feels the bill’s enforcement language is weak when it applies to labor and environmental standards in Mexico.

What’s so ridiculous is NAFTA never included any labor or environmental provisions for Mexico whereas USMCA does — making the new agreement an improvement over the old.

The real reason Pelosi is refusing to bring a bipartisan jobs bill to the floor is because it would give the president and the American people a win. She hates the president more than she loves the U.S.

Which brings us to impeachment. It’s the only topic that brings the Democrats together — yet pushes them further away from the American people.

A Harvard-Harris poll found that 65 percent of Americans don’t want Congress to begin impeachment proceedings against the president and same poll found a formidable 80 percent wanted their “congressional representatives working more on infrastructure, health care, and immigration [than] investigations of President Trump.”

Yet impeachment seems to be the only drum the Democrats can march to, and Pelosi, by saying the president should be in jail, is leading them in the parade and off a cliff. She’s the one who should be expelled.

Kelly Sadler is the communications director at America First Action, the official pro-Trump political action committee. She previously served as a special assistant to President Trump. She spent more than a decade in the media, serving as deputy opinion editor at the Washington Times during the 2016 election cycle and as a reporter at Bloomberg News. She has a graduate degree in communications from Northwestern University’s Medill School of Journalism.

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