Planning A Getaway? Here Are 15 Incredible Summer Road Trip Essentials

Mason Thibault Mason is a native of Fall River, Massachusetts, an avid NFL and NCAA fan, and a commerce writer for the Daily Caller
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Whether you’re planning a daytrip, weekend trip, or full on family vacation, you can never be too prepared for what you may encounter on the road …or what you may need in an emergency.  I know that personally as someone who has been an dozens of family road trips, the smallest of comforts can make a big difference. For that reason, I have done some research and compiled our top picks (in no particular order) that will have you cruising down America’s highways and byways with peace of mind AND in style!

  1. AutoCam – Top Rated Dash Cam

Record everything in and around your vehicle.

In this day and age where photo and video evidence can shut down any roadside he-said she-said argument, you better have one of these on your side. If you’ve ever seen crisp HD dash cam video on the news catching the scene of an incident you know how vital it is. Stay safe on the road with AutoCam.

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  1. Shine Armor – 3-in-1 Car Care

World’s best waterless auto detailer for the shine of your life.

In a hurry but still want your car to look its best and protect it from the elements …and the inevitable freeway bug splatter? Get the look of a spotless auto detail in a fraction of the time and effort while also protecting your vehicle. Keep it handy in the car for a quick spot clean as well.

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  1. Muama Enence – Powerful Portable Translator

Communication on the road is key! Translate anything by simply speaking into this device.

You never know who you’ll run into while out and about. Don’t get lost in translation. This genius little pocket translator is incredibly accurate and easy to use. No flipping through a translation dictionary or any typing involved – just the sound of your voice!

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  1. BreatheGreen – Neutralize Car Odors

Fast food, stinky feet, gassy passengers? Use this to eliminate all your bad car smells!

Fast food, stinky feet, gassy passengers? Use this to eliminate all your bad car smells! Toss a few of these under your seat and in the trunk to absorb and purify the air so you don’t have to drive with your windows down the whole trip. Activated charcoal pulls in all the foul odors and purifies the air naturally. You’ll never have to be embarrassed of musky car smells again or try to mask the odors with toxic chemical air fresheners.

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  1. DocSocks – Banish Swollen Feet

Dramatically improve circulation in your heels and feet.

Long drives can really take a toll on your body. Ever feel your shoes getting snug at the end of a long drive? Keeping your circulation moving is key to avoiding cramps and dreaded cankles. While there are a lot of compressions socks on the market Doc Socks remains the highest rated and best selling of them all, and for good reason!

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  1. SkyCam – #1 Drone

Easy to use, stunning HD images and videos ready to share.

Don’t forget to document your journey while driving through the wide open country or even the cityscape! So often we forget the amazing details of our trip or wish we could capture the moment. A still photo from the ground just doesn’t do the scene justice. SkyCam let’s you share it with friends and family in an unforgettable way that will amaze.

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  1. AirPump – Inflate Tires & Much More

Inflate anything at the correct pressure, with built-in flashlight and charger.

Your tire pressure gauge lights up, what do you do? Waste precious time, pulling off the side of the road, searching for a gas station with an air tank? If you have one of these, the answer is No! No more guessing the correct air pressure, inflating an air mattress by mouth. AirPump makes filling up a breeze.

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  1. UberTorch – Insanely Bright

Powerful flashlight and the ultimate tactical survival tool.

If you’re in the military or law enforcement, you already know how important a tactical flashlight is to have on you at all times. For safety, self-defense and general exploration keep one of these in your glovebox, backpack, and in your trunk. You won’t regret it. The compact yet incredible quality and brightness of this tactical flashlight will become your go-to from dusk till dawn.

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  1. ActionHero – Waterproof Shell Included

Most affordable, high quality action camera in the world.

No need for bulky, expensive camera gear. Technology has gotten so much better, making memories easier to share. Capture all your adventures in first-person HD video. Waterproof shell is also included!

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  1. Aktiv Watch – Life Saving Fitness Monitor

Fastest selling SmartWatch worldwide.

What other fitness activity tracker do you know that monitors your heart rate and blood pressure, has a blood oxygen sensor, alerts you for notifications and calls (keeping your eyes on the road) and is waterproof? Oh, and did we mention it also records steps, calories and distance. While on the road or off, this is a must have for any lifestyle.

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  1. StarScope – Military Grade Telescope

Sleek, lightweight monocular used by professionals.

Turn your phone into your hunting, fishing, bird watching best friend. With military magnification of 10x you can see for miles with depth and precision and while doing so, even snap a photo of what you’re viewing. This is the optical instrument every outdoor person needs. See what people are saying about it.

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  1. BuzzBGone – No More Insect Bites

Get rid of mosquitos and other disease carrying insects with this.

Say goodbye to all those bloodsucking bugs that are out to get you and your family this summer. Protect them and yourself with this safe and effective device. No more harsh chemical sprays. Buy a few BuzzBGone insect zappers and create an impenetrable perimeter and kill those bugs once and for all.

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  1. BetterBack – 15 Minute Miracle

Turn every seat into a back-saving treat.

How’s your posture? Keeping your back aligned may help and prevent many back and body issues most people face. If you’re a fan of the hit TV show Shark Tank, you may have already seen this incredible posture correcting invention. Better back turns any seat into an ergonomic seat, keeping your body in perfect alignment. You’ll be amazed that the results reach far beyond easing everyday back pain.

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  1. Battery ResQ – Never Get Stranded Again

Jump your car up to 20 times in a row on a single charge.

How reliable is your car? Never be stranded without a charge or get ripped off by a roadside mechanic. Save big on your next jump with this insane multitool. It comes with all the cords and cables you’ll ever need, plus a sleek carrying case! With Battery ResQ, you can even charge your phone!

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  1. CircaCharge Car – A MUST HAVE For Ever Car Owner

Charger, mount, and improved battery life, speed, and performance.

Most states have laws against using your phone while driving. Don’t get caught with your phone in your hand. Fumbling with your phone could spell danger when you take your eyes off the road. This is the best solution thousands have turned to. Not only does it perfectly mounts your phone for maximum visibility, it even supercharges your phone!

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So there you go, 15 different essentials that will make traveling a breeze. Be sure to check back next week for even more great  product recommendations as we get closer to summer!

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