Trump On What Would Happen If He Deleted Emails Like Hillary Clinton: ‘It’s The Electric Chair For Trump’


Amber Athey Podcast Columnist
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President Donald Trump joked at his campaign kickoff rally Tuesday night that he would be executed if he deleted emails like former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

While announcing his 2020 reelection campaign to a large crowd of supporters in Orlando, Florida, Trump asserted, “This election is a verdict on whether we want to live in a country where the people who lose the election refuse to concede and spend the next two years trying to shred our Constitution and rip our country apart.”

The president reminded the crowd that Clinton suggested he would not concede if she were to win the 2016 election and said smugly, “isn’t it amazing that it worked the other way around?”

He went on to allege a double standard between the nonstop investigations of his campaign, his businesses, and his personal finances, and the “free pass” given to Clinton after she “set up an illegal server, destroyed evidence, deleted and acid-washed 33,000 emails, exposed classified information, and turned the State Department into a pay-for-play cash machine.”

“Can you imagine if I got a subpoena? Think of this. If I got a subpoena for emails, if I deleted one email like a love note to Melania — It’s the electric chair for Trump!” the president joked.


The State Department disclosed recently that they uncovered 30 security incidents related to Clinton’s private email server as part of an internal review. The department found that at least 15 State Department employees were responsible for 23 violations and seven security infractions related to the server. (RELATED: State Department Identifies 30 Security Incidents With Hillary’s Server)

The FBI also investigated the private email server Clinton set up at her home in New York while serving as secretary of state, and found that she was “extremely careless” but opted not to recommend charges. The State Department’s internal review is still ongoing.

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