California Regulators Get #WeedWise, Launch Ad Campaign Against Illegal Cannabis

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Claire Smith Contributor
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The Bureau of Cannabis Control announced the launch of an ad campaign to persuade customers away from the illegal marijuana marketplace and promote legal, safe cannabis.

The campaign “will directly impact consumer safety by clarifying that only cannabis purchased from licensed retailers has met the state’s safety standards,” Chief of the Bureau, Lori Ajax, told The Associated Press.

The ads will also promote a website that allows a user to view whether a business has received a license. (RELATED: Is Cannabis The Cash Crop Of The Future?)

“Currently, all commercial cannabis businesses in California must be licensed by the state and comply with local rules related to commercial cannabis activity in their jurisdiction” the press release reads.

The advertisements feature phrases such as “Does your illegal weed have something to hide?” and “What’s in your weed shouldn’t be a mystery,” among others. (RELATED: Republican-Backed Medical Marijuana Bill Clears First Hurdle In Georgia)

Illegal cannabis can contain “chemicals, mold, and fecal matter,” according to the press release.

When asked why illegal marijuana is consumed in California instead of legal marijuana, Aaron Francis, Public Affairs Analyst for the Bureau, told Daily Caller:

Illegal cannabis can be cheaper than legal cannabis, but you essentially get what you pay for. Consumers often don’t realize the dangers that come with purchasing illegal product such as untested pesticides and inaccurate potency levels. When consumers purchase cannabis from a licensed business, they’re guaranteed that product has been tested and what’s on the label is accurate.

“Along with the campaign providing educational materials and videos, telling illegal shops to get licensed, and for consumers to shop legal cannabis, we are also continuing to ramp up our enforcement efforts this year,” Francis added. “Our message is clear – If you’re engaging in commercial cannabis activity in California, you need a state license to operate.”

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