The Nixplay Seed 10.1 Widescreen Digital Photo Frame Is A Must-Have!

Anne Kocsis Contributor
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Digital photo frames are the best! You no longer need to worry about faded photos with torn corners and yellowing backgrounds. No is the time to get rid of your bins of old photos in the attic. Digital photo frames allow you to scan, store, and continuously stream all your photos. This makes a great gift! You can set it up at a graduation party, reunion, anniversary, retirement party, wedding, or funeral. The options are endless. If you want to purchase one for yourself or to use as a gift, now is the time. Amazon’s Prime Day Deals includes discounts on some of the best options available.

The Nixplay Seed 10.1 Inch Widescreen is Amazon’s Choice for digital scrolling frames.  This top-selling frame stores photos and videos safely and privately. You can use the Nixplay app for iOS and Android for complete control over the photos. Connect the app to Google Photos to update your pictures. With this, you can connect to Dropbox, Facebook, and Instagram. The smart frame has a 1280 X 800 resolution display which auto adjusts to portrait or landscape once you add each photo. The Infrared Hu-Motion sensor saves energy by turning off the frame when you leave the room. The active range is 2.5 m. It can also be connected to Alexa if you want to add music.

The easy-to-use device sets up in minutes. The slim woven honeycomb woven power cord also acts as an adjustable stand. It measures 10.20 X 6.69 X 0.98 inches and only weighs a little over one pound. It has a capacity of 8 GB of jpg format photos. The quality is wonderful with a 400 cd/m2 display brightness. This frame retails for $148. It’s a great price and it makes a fantastic gift! The 10.1 is Amazon’s Choice, but it also comes in an 8-inch, and 13-inch screen option as well.

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