The Best Handgun Safe Deal You Can Get – Deal Still Hot Post Prime Day

Charlie Goetzman Contributor
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This Deal Is Still Going On!

It’s Amazon Prime Day, and surely our readers will need to protect all the great, cheap stuff they they’ll buy today from potential thieves. Fortunately, Amazon’s got you covered for that, too. When you’re not busy fighting off robbers, you need to store your handgun in a safe place, and this Prime Day you can get a high-quality gun safe for a very low price.

Behold: the GunVault SV500, yours for only $89.86. The SV500 SpeedVault Handgun Safe stores your gun in a place of utmost security. Equipped with a high strength lock — virtually impossible to break with hand tools — and cased in rock-solid eight-gauge steel housing, the SV500 makes it impossible for anyone to access your gun without your permission, either inadvertently or on purpose.

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Get The GunVault SV500 – SpeedVault Handgun Safe For Over 50 Percent Off 

But when you do need to use your gun, you can get it in a blink, as it’s got a quick-access digital keyboard, as well as a fast activation drop-down drawer in which your gun in stored. The keypad is made with your safety in mind; as Amazon reviewer Billy Sutherland puts it, “I like the fact that I have to enter a code, because if I’m not awake enough to enter a code, I’m not awake enough to handle a semi-automatic weapon.” Your handgun will be resting, undamaged, in a soft foam interior. On the off chance you forget your password, GunVault made backup plans — the safe arrives at your doorstep with two override backup keys included. All that is yours for $89.86, an over-50% cut to its list price. Happy shopping!