Keep Your Pet Healthy And Happy With These Fun Treats

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People might call you a crazy pet owner, but your pooch deserves the best. Test your dog’s ancestry, improve their health, and throw them a bone with these fun treats.

Embark Dog DNA Test Kit

dog dna

Human DNA tests are all the rage, why not test your dog too? Find out what breed your dog is and even find their relatives. Embark Dog DNA test is one of the most popular and reliable DNA testers on the market and is backed by Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine. Just swab the inside of your pooch’s mouth, ship the swab, and wait for the results. Over 200K genetic markers are used to determine exactly who your dog is.

MSRP: $199 | Sale: $174.99 | Discount: 12%

Curapure CBD Oil Tincture Drops For Dogs


Leaving your precious pet at home can break your heart, and cause anxiety in Fido. Just a drop of Curapure CBD Oil Tincture Drops can ease separation anxiety. The oil is 100% organic, non-GMO & USA grown/processed. The peppermint flavor will make the drops a fun treat for your pup. Always consult your veterinarian when giving anything new to your dog.

MSRP: $36.99 | Sale: $21.99 | Discount: 40%

Allergy Test My Pet Kit


Your pet might be suffering from allergies without your knowledge. Allergies to food and environment can cause itchy skin, stomach pain, or something more serious. To make sure your dog receives the best treatment, try Allergy Test My Pet. Just collect your dog’s saliva, mail in the results, and you will receive a custom analysis of 100 food and environmental items that may be bothering your pet. You will also receive ways to combat allergies such as switching laundry detergent, cleaning products, tobacco, and more.

MSRP: $99 | Sale: $69 | Discount: 30%

FOMO Bones CBD Dog Treats


Improve your dog’s mood, sleep, inflammation, and anxiety with FOMO Bones CBD Dog Treats. You might have heard of the benefits CBD oil can offer humans; studies prove it works just as well for pets. The bones also include all-natural passionflower to boost mood, L-Tryptophan to increase activity, Valerian to ease anxiety, and chamomile for restful sleep. CBD does not include any THC so your pet will not experience any confusion or disorientation. As with any new product, check with your veterinarian before introducing FOMO Bones CBD Dog Treats to your pooch.

MSRP: $39.99 | Sale: $32.99 | Discount: 17%

DNA My Dog Breed Identification Test


Learn more about your furry friend with the DNA My Dog Breed Identification Test. Using just a cheek swab, the test will determine your dog’s personality traits, DNA composition, breed mix, predisposition to disease, and more. You will be able to keep your dog healthier with the new knowledge.

MSRP: $79 | Sale: $59 | Discount: 25%

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