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Nikki Haley Tries To Squash Those Vicious Rumors About Her And VP Mike Pence (You KNOW The Ones)


Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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Nikki Haley really wants to put all those rumors about her and Veep Mike Pence to bed.

So to speak, of course.

The former U.S. Ambassador to the UN tweeted a really confusing (wink! wink!) message late Wednesday afternoon suggesting that there’s something untoward going on involving Pence — who calls his wife, Karen, “Mother” — and maintains an impenetrable sphere of privacy, making sure to never be entirely alone with another woman.

Enter Haley, an attractive woman who has been weakly rumored to want Pence’s job.

Her tweet was met with mass confusion.

“LOL,” wrote Dave Zirin, a sports writer for The Nation. “What in the hell are you talking about?”

And this from @baddusacid: “You’re supposed to put this out AFTER the rumors surface.”

Another observer accused her of Barbra Streisanding these rumors, meaning she brought up a supposed skeleton that few people care about.

Economist David Rothschild downplayed the seriousness of her tweet.

“Nothing impressive or meaningful about the being the plutocracy Republican candidate in 2024,” he quipped. “If
@NikkiHaley actually opposes President Trump’s White Nationalism she would run for President in 2020. Otherwise, she is just another complicit coward.”

Former White House Press Secretary Joe Lockhart mocked her political astuteness, writing, “Let those linger long enough to get a couple more paid speeches. Well played.”

Many people ridiculed her chosen picture, saying it resembled parents who no longer get along.

Charlotte Clymer, press secretary for the Human Rights Campaign, took this opportunity to accuse Haley of admiring a homophobe.

“Well, it’s delightful that you feel comfortable openly praising vicious homophobes but certainly not surprising,” she wrote.

Pence’s stance on gay rights appears to have changed since 2000, when he opposed putting gay and lesbian relationships are the same legal status as heterosexual relationships. In 2004, he still maintained that marriage was between one man and one woman. He co-sponsored an amendment saying as much.

By 2014, Pence, then Governor of Indiana, supported a bill that would ban same-sex marriage in Indiana’s Constitution.

At the moment, he backs President Trump’s global plan to decriminalize homosexuality.

That initiative is aimed at countries like Iran, which punishes gay sex with death.

In the meantime, shhhhh….don’t believe what you hear about Haley and Pence.