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Halloween is only two weeks away. For some people, that means going to a party. For others, it is taking the kids door to door or handing out treats to neighborhood kids. Will you or anyone in your family be dressing up? If so, do you have your costume or are you still looking?

Popular themes for 2019 include characters from current movies, TV shows, and the 1980’s decade. Some best-sellers for this year have been characters from Stephen Spielberg’s It, Baby Shark, Spiderman, Fortnite, Game of Thrones, Pretty Women, Flashdance, Beetlejuice, Indiana Jones, and Stranger Things. These costumes are in mass supply and can be found anywhere. If you are looking for something more original to earn you that Best Costume prize, I suggest you dig a little deeper. I did some research on unique costume ideas.

If you aren’t the crafty type and want to purchase something that is ready made, Amazon has some great options. Here is a list of the most creative costumes currently available for purchase on Amazon.  There is one in every category. Get what you need today and be the talk of the party.

Halloween is almost here! (Photo via Amazon)

Halloween is almost here! (Photo via Amazon)

Best Original Costume For Women 

1. The winning original costume for women is Pinata Costume by Tipsy Elves. The polycotton blended outfit is priced at $104.95 and will be the hit of the party. This creative costume is made from super soft plush material so it will be comfortable all night long. The fringed product has a full front zipper closure and attached hood. Tipsey Elves makes the costume in women’s size extra small through double extra-large. The size chart is available online.

Best Food-Related Costume 

2. Anyone can dress like a superhero, but what about a super food? Rasta Impasta’s Kale Costume can be worn by men or women.  The polyester overhead tunic has satin trim and is one size fits all. The item lists for $53.99 and measures 55” X 30.” According to the manufacturer, it accommodates up to a men’s chest size of 46 inches wide.

Best Couples Costume 

3. If you are looking for a couple’s costume you won’t see on all your friends, consider this one.  Amazon sells accessories to create the gossip-worthy duo of Milk Man and 1940’s Pregnant Mom. The Costume is manufacturer by Seeing Red and costs $39.99. Polyester accessories include milk man’s hat, bow tie, miniature milk bottle, and embroidered housewife apron. One size fits all.

Best Group Costume

4. If you are looking for a costume for multiple people, you might want to consider the Assorted Candy Costume for 4 people.  Hershey’s adult group costume set lists for $192.95 and includes 4 polyester tunics representing their delicious Hershey’s Bar, Reese’s Cups, Twizzlers, and a Hershey’s Kiss. One size fits all and the items are gender neutral.

Best Group Costume For Kids 

5. Perhaps you need a group costume for your younger family members. A set of tunics representing the game Rock, Paper, Scissors Costume by Fun World is reasonably priced at $28.72. The set of 3 polyester tops is an easy-to-wear unique costume for three kids that want to go as a group. Each piece fits children up to standard size 14.

Funniest Costume 

6. Know those crazy large inflatable stick men that wave in the wind to get you to stop into a store? Your child can go dressed as one with this costume.Wild-waving Tube Costume by Seeing Red ranges from $17.99 – $29.52, depending on the size.  This hilarious suit comes in youth sizes S/M, L/XL, and XXL.

Best Costume For Babies 

7. Cuddly Cappuccino Costume by Fun World is a great option for a little girl. If you are a Starbucks loving parent, this is a great way to showcase your baby girl while having some fun. The set lists for $20.65 – $49.99, depending on the size. An adorable polyester snap-bottom onesie comes with an attachable skirt, ruffled collar, and headpiece with felt straw. It is available in infant size extra small through large.

Best Costume For Pets 

8. Perhaps you are one of those people who likes to dress up your pet for Halloween. If you are, you know there are a set number of standard costumes. I kept looking until I found this one. Buy this if you want your dog to be different. Rubies sells the Cave Girl Pet Costume and Wig for $13.24. This Pebbles Flintstone-inspired ensemble includes an animal print dress and wig with bone accent. The outfit can be purchased in sizes small through extra-large.

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