Stylish iPhone Chargers Are Great. But Very Rarely Are Charging Cables Also This Affordable.

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iPhone chargers don’t exactly have the best reputation when it comes to working as intended. I have probably bought 20 iPhone chargers over the course of three generations of iPhone and each time, no matter how new my phone is, the lightening cable manages to just magically stop working after a while. For that exact reason, now whenever I buy an iPhone charger I usually buy one or two.  The issue is, whenever I buy a charger at my local CVS or even the Apple store, it usually costs about $15-$20 per charger and then I have to replace the charger anyways, throwing that money down the drain!!

Five charging cables for one absurd price!!!(Photo via Amazon)

Five charging cables for one absurd price!!!(Photo via Amazon)

Get this IDiSON 5Pack(3ft, 3 ft, 6ft 6ft 10ft) iPhone Lightning Cable for just $2.00 (50 percent off) for a limited time when you use the discount code LEQFEHN3 at checkout 

Each cable features a nylon braid compatible with all iPhone 6’s and later….and since each cable features 2.4 A output fast charging and while $19.99 for 5 chargers (less than $4 per cable) is a great deal….for a limited time when you use the Daily Caller’s exclusive discount code LEQFEHN3… you can save 50 percent more…bringing the cost down to just $9.99….for five Apple chargers.

(Photo via Amazon)

(Photo via Amazon)

So what are you waiting for? With free Prime Shipping, a 12-month warranty, and each cable coming in at less than $2.00 per cable, there’s no reason not to stock up on IDiSON  chargers right now.

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