Prior To Black Friday, Don’t Miss Out On This Deal That Will Net You iPhone Chargers For Less Than $2.50 per cable!

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Do you hate overpaying for iPhone chargers from Apple? I know I do. My iPhone charger never lasts more than a few weeks whenever I get a new iPhone, and finding a replacement charger has honestly been a struggle. I have had trouble finding a lightening cable that actually works and doesn’t just randomly give out after a few days and I’ve realized I am not alone. Out of fear that whatever new charger I buy will poop out, I usually buy chargers in bulk.  The issue is, whenever I buy a charger at my local gas station or even the Apple store, it usually costs about $15-$20 per charger and then I have to replace the charger anyways!!

That’s why I was very excited to learn that a company is selling this pack of iphone chargers (5 in total) for far less than I would normally pay!

Get this Speate 5Pack(3ft 3ft 6ft 6ft 10ft) iPhone Lightning Cable for just $9.99 (60 percent off) for a limited time when you use the discount code QRSX2YMT at checkout 

Each cable features a nylon braid compatible with all iPhone 6’s and later….and since each cable features 2.4 A output fast charging and while $24.99 for 5 chargers (less than $5 per cable) is a great deal….f0r a limited time when you use the Daily Caller’s exclusive discount code QRSX2YMT… you can save 60 percent more…bringing the cost down to just $9.99….for five Apple chargers.

So what are you waiting for? With free Prime Shipping, a 12-month warranty, and each cable coming in at less than $2.25 per cable, there’s no reason not to stock up on Speate chargers right now while this one day sale lasts!

(Photo via Amazon)

(Photo via Amazon)

*Offer valid until 12/30/2019

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