Is Your Home Protected? Check Out One Of The Most Innovative And Affordable Home Security Solutions Before It Hits The Retail Market

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Home Security is no laughing matter. More and more Americans are taking their security and safety into their own hands by investing in security systems and cameras for their property. While there are a variety of solutions that may work for you, most home security is prohibitively expensive. It’s for this reason I was excited to discover that Vacos was creating an AI battery powered security camera that promises to turn your house into a smart (and safe) home for everyone in your family. In-case you are unfamiliar, Vacos is an innovative startup in the smart home market, debuting their first wire-free battery operated camera through their crowdfunding campaign on both Indiegogo.

(Photo via Indiegogo)

(Photo via Indiegogo)

Go to Indiegogo for details

Starting at just $97 for the basic security package, Vacos Cam is being considered one of the world’s most versatile, accessible & affordable smart solutions on the internet.

According to their CEO, “While their were lots of security solutions already on the market, Vacos wanted to ensure they had the flexibility to install their cameras anywhere in the house they felt provided the best vantage point, making the wire-free aspect of their security cameras essential.”

Featuring smarter alerts than their competitors, the camera was designed with clear and vivid imagery in mind in case the need to use that imagery for legal or criminal complaint purposes becomes necessary. This means clear Full Color Night Vision imagery even at night, and AI Human motion detection to reduce false alarm. This means siren and spotlight alarms to deter intruders and alert neighbors with loud noises and flashing lights. And ultimately, this means free cloud storage, a built in storage card to constantly record motion in 1080p Full HD, and full waterproof support for rain and snow. Plus, long battery life and solar charging capabilities top off the versatility this security camera offers at this low price.

(Photo via Indiegogo)

(Photo via Indiegogo)

While Vacos’s Smart AI Cam is currently still in the development stage, early crowdfunders and investors can order these smart cameras at a discount from their future retail price, with the basic package starting out at $97 (30% off), and two camera packages, three camera packages, and five camera packages start out at $180 (35% off), $250 (40% off) and $382 (45% off) respectively.

Back Vacos Cam now on Indiegogo to be the first one to enjoy the innovative high tech!

And if you want to learn more about Vacos and their startup culture, product experience, and AI Cloud focus…be sure to visit their website:

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