‘The Senate Is On Trial’: Jerry Nadler Says The Impeachment Is No Longer Just About The President

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Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Democratic New York Rep. Jerry Nadler claimed that the Senate would be on trial along with President Donald Trump.

Nadler made the comment during House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s Wednesday morning press conference, where he was named as one of seven impeachment managers. (RELATED: Patriots Impeachment Weekly Wrap-Up: What, No Bribery?)


Speaker Pelosi took aim at Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell during a brief question-and-answer period following her announcement, saying, “Let me just say, I was very discouraged to see Mitch McConnell sign on to a resolution dismissing the case. Dismissal is cover-up. Dismissal is cover-up.”

Nadler added that the impeachment, from this point forward, would be “a test of the Constitution” and claiming that “the president’s conduct violates the Constitution in every single way.”

Nadler concluded by arguing that if the Senate failed to present a trial that met all of the House’s demands, that would be “an unconstitutional and disgusting cover-up.”

“The Senate is on trial as well as the president,” he insisted. “Does the Senate conduct a trial according to the Constitution, to vindicate the republic? Or does the Senate participate in the president’s crimes by covering them up?”