Do You Hunt Or Collect Knives?

Mason Thibault Mason is a native of Fall River, Massachusetts, an avid NFL and NCAA fan, and a commerce writer for the Daily Caller
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If you love collecting unique, beautiful blades, be they knives, axes, or even swords — your collection isn’t really complete without one (or a few) Damascus models. Damascus steel is engineered to be extra hard, flexible and features a beautiful natural pattern that swirls over the surface of the blade. Lovely to look at and highly functional, you’ll need one of these ten blades to add to your collection. Please note customers must be 18+ to purchase.

Damascus Hunting Bowie Knife

For the avid hunter with exquisite taste.

One part collectible and just as equally functional, this Damascus Hunting Bowie Knife features an engraved deer bone handle that makes it a good decorative item to place on a shelf. Or pull out the 8.25-inch blade to make quick work of whatever you need to cut.

Find it here for $79.99.

Damascus Sub Hilt Hunting Bowie Knife

This throwback to old-school hunting will look great in any case.

Any knife collector would want this Damascus Sub Hilt Hunting Bowie Knife that’s a throwback to old-school hunting. This 8-inch blade features rustic curves and an engraved deer walnut wood handle.

Find it here for $79.99.

Damascus Kukri Knife

You really can’t get more multi-functional than this stunning kukri. 

This Damascus Kukri Knife features a distinctive recurve to the blade that originates from Nepal. It’s a multipurpose knife that’s used for everything from chopping firewood, slaughtering animals, opening cans and almost any other utilitarian function you can think of.

Find it here for $87.99.

Damascus Linerlock Folding Knife

Functional and portable, this folding knife is the way to go.

Gorgeous to look at and highly functional, you can open and close this Damascus Linerlock Folding Knife in one hand without needing to reposition the knife in your hand when you need to use it. The handle is beautifully made featuring dyed color bone with mosaic pins.

Find it here for $69.99.

Damascus Skinner Knife


Your hunting setup wouldn’t be complete without this blade that’s perfect for skinning.

Any hunter needs this Damascus Skinner Knife, which is used to precisely remove the skin from an animal without damaging the hide. The edge is strong and sturdy so it won’t slip in your hand as you use it — and the handle is made to be held comfortably for long periods of time.

Find it here for $64.99.

Damascus Tomahawk

As tactical as it is stunning, this tomahawk is the perfect companion for any outdoor adventure.

Get ready for your next off-the-grid adventure with this Damascus Tomahawk. Highly tactical, with an ash wood handle, this knife is perfect for chopping or splitting wood, digging a hole for a campfire, prying open cans/doors or even cutting rope.

Find it here for $124.99.

Damascus Gladius Sword

We like to think Maximus would have used this blade to great effect in Gladiator.

Pretend you’re a gladiator with this Damascus Gladius Sword: historically, this sword became the standard sword of Roman legionaries for hand-to-hand combat. This makes a beautiful and stately decoration in any living room space.

Find it here for $169.99.

Damascus Steak Knives: Set of 4

Class up your steak dinner with these stunning blades.

Totally practical and a pleasure to use, this Set of 4 Damascus Steak Knives are essential for any meal you cook that requires some solid slicing to enjoy — whether it’s a steak or chicken, roasted root vegetables and more. Each knife features a different wood handle with a beautiful finishing.

Find it here for $117.99.

Functional Heavy Kitchen Cleaver

This hefty blade can unlock a new world of culinary options.

A must-have for any chef, this Functional Heavy Kitchen Cleaver is completely handmade and features 176 layers of Damascus steel, forged to a hardness of 58 to 60 HRC. It can easily cut through meat and bone, so you can make the meals you’ve always dreamed of making.

Find it here for $55.99.

Japanese Pro Olive Wood Kitchen Knives: Set of 4

Complete your cooking setup with this four-piece set.

This comprehensive set of Japanese Pro Olive Wood Kitchen Knives is pretty much everything you could need in the kitchen. This set includes four kitchen knives of different blade lengths but with the same hardness of 55 to 58 HRC, featuring olive wood handles and the signature Damascus finish on the blades.

Find it here for $74.99.

Prices subject to change.