KASSAM: A Robust Defense Of The President Should Use Every Second Of Time Available. Here’s Why…

Raheem Kassam Contributor
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We’ve broadcast for over 150 hours since we launched the War Room: Impeachment podcast back in October, and honestly, it hasn’t been enough.

That’s why I get concerned when I hear sources say the president’s legal team may not use all 24 hours in defense of President Trump in the Senate trial.

There’s just so much to go through.

From the beginning of this part of the saga in 2013, to the decades of failed foreign policy decision by the bureaucrats who provided the underpinning for the Democrats’ case in the House, to the lies put forth by Adam Schiff, the whistleblower, and all the others – and that’s just scratching the surface.

Laying out the Bidens’ behavior in marrying U.S. crony capitalism with one of the most corrupt companies in one of the most corrupt nations in Europe – Burisma – would take way over 24 hours alone.

These things aren’t tangential. They’re critical to the case in defense of President Donald J. Trump, who inherited a relationship with Ukraine predicated on the Obama administration’s support for the overthrow of President Yanukovych in 2013, coupled with his inability to then help Ukraine defend its territorial integrity when Russia inevitably pushed back and invaded Crimea.

Biden – as Biden always does – found a way to enrich himself and his family amongst all this.

We impeachment obsessives know about Biden’s links to the company Blue Star Strategies, which performed public relations for Burisma alongside Ukranian politicians (though they won’t say who).

We also know Blue Star name dropped Hunter Biden when trying to change official U.S. policy towards Burisma, and that House impeachment “star witnesses” Amb. Bill Taylor and Deputy Assistant Sec. of State George Kent were in the room alongside Blue Star executives and Burisma beneficiary Atlantic council representatives discussing the divvying up Ukraine business interests in 2018.

But while I can give you a precis of this, just one event that highlights the institutionalized corruption of U.S. policymaking, it will take far longer to get across the whole story — The story Americans need to know when assessing who is really guilty in this impeachment saga.

And that’s just getting through it all once.

The Democrats are using all their time in the Senate chamber because they are repeating their claims. For the cameras, for their digital media clips, and for their campaign advertisements against Republicans later in 2020.

“We’re not going to try to run the clock out,” Sekulow told reporters Thursday.

This would be a mistake, and I hope Sekulow – who is a skilled lawyer and strategist – is simply faking the Democrats out.

Between Alan Dershowitz’s lecture on the lack of constitutionality of the process, highlighting Schiff’s partisan hijacking of the whistleblower process, the intrinsic Biden corruption, and all the lies told by Democrats in the Senate chamber, it should really take the president’s defense team the full 24 hours.

This is a chance – barring calling in the whistleblower and Hunter Biden – to explain precisely why President Trump was elected in 2016, and why the permanent political class are determined to get him out in 2020, one way or the other.

Just like the abuse of the FISA process to spy on a political campaign; just like the weaponization of impeachment to campaign in 2020; just like the phoney Russia hoax because it was the Democrats really colluding with foreigners to influence the 2016 election: all of this is projection by the Democrats who fear Trump might actually start shining a light on the entrenched interests. The swamp.

To keep him on the defensive rather than the offensive, they have attempted to stymie his presidency from day one.

Trump’s team should seize this opportunity to shine a light on the swamp and all its monsters: the whistleblower, Schiff, Hill, Kent, Taylor, Vindman, the Bidens, Blue Star Strategies, the Clintons, and critically, President Barack Obama who oversaw this all.

In reality this is the only real way to robustly defend the President’s actions and motivations, and would take far more than 24 hours to lay out.

That’s why our side can’t afford to waste a single second in the Senate.

Raheem Kassam (@RaheemKassam) co-hosts “War Room” with Stephen K. Bannon and Jason Miller. He is the author of two bestselling books: “No Go Zones” and “Enoch Was Right.” He is a senior fellow at the American Principles Project and the Bow Group.