Need Quick Government Certification? Here’s How To Get Trained Or Certified Online ASAP

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We’ve all got a complaint or two (or seven) about certification training, and jobs that require mandatory pieces of paper. In the end however, government certification is designed to protect both the consumer and business owner.

Certification assures the business operator that their employee is guaranteed to know the requirements to do their job, and the consumer can be sure that the person supplying the service has had to pass through some form of a gatekeeper to get where they are.

It’s about building a level of trust, so trust us to direct you to some of the most popular online sources for certification.

Check out how to get quick training and certification below:

1. Real Estate

To many first-time buyers and renters, applications and forms are the time where we skim the text, nod along and sign away our lives. Getting certified in different real-estate categories is a great way to learn about the business, as well as advance professionally.

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Through websites like there are hundreds of courses in categories like mortgage and appraisals in different real-estate jurisdictions.

This, in addition to standard real estate education, will get you exam-ready and prepared to become a realtor. Whether this is for personal or professional growth, you can get certified in multiple states should you choose.

Learn how to get certified in real estate today:

2. Insurance

Ah the insurance industry, the land of trust and liability. It seems like every 80’s movie asked how some one becomes an insurance agent, and finally we know.

If you’d like to learn about the industry or become an insurance agent yourself, resources such as can get you set up with pre-licensing and continuing-education courses.

Insurance courses are the ‘key’ – #DadJokes (via creative commons)

Property insurance, auto insurance and insurance fraud are just some of the categories to get educated in. The great thing about courses in this field is that it essentially is, and always will be a requirement.

Meaning this is an ever-growing and evolving industry that has a guaranteed customer-base. You can make it a career, or use it as a fall back when needed.

Learn more today: 

3. Serving

If you’re not sold on certifications, look no further than server/alcohol training. Something absolutely required in the service industry is proper handling and training.

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The protections provided by this training are paramount. When it comes to food, hygiene and cleanliness are top of the list, and something you wouldn’t want anyone serving your food not to be knowledgeable in.

If you want to become a bartender or be in the hospitality business at all, don’t hesitate to get your alcohol server, food manager or food handler training. In these services, the #1 concern is the safety of the customer, so you’re unlikely to get hired if up against an applicant who has the training if you don’t.

Learn more about training needed to become a waiter/waitress or bartender:

4. Health & Safety

Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) is the federal safety-training for occupations like construction, environmental safety or hazardous-waste handling.

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Through you can find courses for a wide range of categories: Confined Spaces, Construction Safety, Environmental Safety, Heavy Equipment, Shipping or Logistics and Transportation Safety.

Since it is through the federal government these are available in Spanish if necessary, and can lift your resume above the competition.

This training can get you ready for high-paying jobs across the country, and with an economic boom in factory, energy and mining sectors, this should open up a lot of opportunities.

If what is listed above doesn’t fit your goals, try checking out for additional training categories like human resources or quality assurance.

Always train, always stay ahead of the curve. If you watch Bar Rescue, you know this. Jon Taffer wouldn’t lie to us!

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