The Best TSA-Friendly Carry-On Luggage Cases To Make Traveling A Breeze

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Almost every major airline regulates their carry-on dimensions at around 22 to 24 inches, so if you’re looking for some new carry-on luggage that is affordable, popular and TSA-compliant…look no further!
With this list, you can maximize your space when travelling as to ensure there are no “Kevin!” moments once you’re ready for take off. That is of course assuming it’s 1994, and you don’t have a cellphone, which would completely nullify the entire plot of Home Alone.
Let’s not get ahead of ourselves though! Here are the best pieces of carry-on luggage, and what they’re best for, to take your pick from:

1. For Extra Space: Travelpro Platinum Elite

It’s common practice to cram as much stuff into your carry-on no matter if it’s needed or not; you can’t waste the space. Luckily, this luggage by Travelpro is looking out for you.


A fold-out suiter, accessory pockets, and a removable wet-pocket for toiletries makes this luggage smarter than all of us. There’s even an external USB port (you’ll need a power bank for that) so you can stay charged while you’re in line or waiting to board.
It’s affordable, and comes with a lifetime warranty for those of us who throw our baggage around.

2. For The Organizer: Genius Pack Hardside Luggage

His, hers and mini-you (via

Get yourself a single bag, or a set of three carry-ons if you’re looking for extreme organization. With compartments for socks, chargers and undergarments, you may never forget any item again.

This carry-on is made for hyper-efficiency weighing in at just 6.2 lbs. We weren’t kidding about extreme organization either; the Genius Pack comes with a permanent check list on the interior that stares at you in the face when you’re packing.

If you forget anything, that’s on you, don’t blame the luggage!

3. For the Budgeter: Samsonite Omni Expandable Hardside

Priced under $100, this Samsonite carry-on (you know, the one that starts with an ‘S’) provides value with the protection of a standard, hard-sided carry-on.

Jim Carrey Not Included (via

The design is pretty straight forward, as this expandable carry-on comes in your choice of nine different colors.

If you’re simply looking to get from Point A to Point B without too much fuss, while properly protecting your belongings, this is the carry-on for you.

4. For the Fashion Forward: Delsey Paris Luggage

This ultra-light (4.7 lbs.) Delsey carry-on is designed with a few things in mind: to keep your belongings safe and tidy, while looking like you just stepped off the runway…the fashion-show kind.

Available in James Bond and Moneypenny (via

Made from 100 per cent polycarbonate in ‘titanium’ or ‘dark pink’, you’ll notice the dual wheels that make your movements ultra-smooth instead of bulky and awkward.

As for the aforementioned security, look for the built-in (TSA-accepted) combination lock, as well as the ultra-durable zipper, that claims to be 41 times more resistant than a standard zipper.

5. For the Ultra-Cautious: Pelican Elite Carry-On

The water-tight Pelican Elite Carry-on sports a TSA-approved lock, automatic pressure-equalization valve and carrying handles on the top, bottom and side.

Your move, TSA (via

The extreme security continues with pull latches and the ability to withstand water in ways you didn’t know luggage needed. This carry-on passed a submergence test under water for 30 minutes at a depth of one meter.

Even at it’s size this carry-on can withstand loads upwards of 1,500 lbs. Unfortunately that’s about 68 times the usual limit.

You might turn some heads with this one, with the expectation that something very important is inside, even if it’s only your Homer Simpson slippers.

Once you’re finished buying your new carry-on, be sure to double check the weight restrictions from whichever airline you’re travelling with, and don’t forget the consult the dreaded TSA checklist as well.

That means no liquids, no over-weight luggage, and no fireworks! They really ruin all the fun.

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