As Spring Gets Into Full Swing, Here’s The Most Stylish & Practical Raincoats To Keep You Thriving

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It’s not too cold, it’s not too hot, but it’s definitely way too wet. That’s the feeling a lot of us get when spring showers start pouring down on.

What’s important in a raincoat is breathability, comfort and of course most importantly its ability to keep you dry. Luckily we aren’t subject to the horrifying raincoats of the past, those that doubled as saunas and were never as cute as Paddington Bear’s.

Step into the best raincoats and spring jackets of the season with these recommendations:

1. Columbia Arcadia

While Columbia has always been a popular brand, recent years have seen more celebrity endorsements like Macklemore, who have kept the brands staying-power where it needs to be.


Waterproof but breathable, the Columbia Arcadia is machine-washable and rather compactable, in case you need to bring it on those days where the weather is just as unpredictable as you.

Don’t be shy about wearing it on some of the colder days…the polyester-mesh lining should keep you warmer than most spring jackets.

2. The North Face Woodmont

What do Kendall Jenner and Emily Ratajkowski have in common? They’re always wearing the North Face. Therefore it should come as no surprise that the North Face Women’s Woodmont Rain Jacket is a hot seller.


Easily the most celeb-endorsed jacket on this list, most often people don’t need to be paid to be ambassadors of this brand due to its cultural significance. However, the stylish jacket will keep you dry with a DryVent 2L shell, and an attached & adjustable draw-cord hood.

The North Face is built for durability, and they entrust that with a lifetime warranty to the original buyer.

3. Lululemon Into the Drizzle

Leave it to Lulu to have such a unique name, but this coat is essentially runway ready and because of that, comes at a bit of a higher price point.

Out of the closet onto the runway (via

You might spot Jessica Alba in her Lululemon jacket, but if you’re looking for something more heavy duty the Into the Drizzle Raincoat will protect you from more than drizzle, ironically.

It’s sneaky with it’s hidden waist cord, and additional zippered chest and back vents. You’ll need those if it gets a bit humid when the rain is heavy.

So, don’t get caught in the rain…or do, because then people will see you wearing this jacket.

4. Daxven’s Active Windbreaker

This affordable rain jacket has become Amazon’s Choice this season sporting features like a detachable hood and sleeve snaps, to ensure the water stays out when necessary, but also can morph into a less bulky piece when required.


Its trench coat style may appear heavy but it’s actually rather lightweight, even with the ability to snap the sleeves in place if you decide it’s too hot and roll them up.

This jacket can really morph into several variations of itself, which is remarkable given how low its price is.

5. Cole Haan Packable Hooded Rain Jacket

Cole Haan is one of those brands that is incredibly upscale, but provides different versions just in case you aren’t Prince Harry (and we know you are not).

The removeable hood and bowtie detail are rather unique, as are the slightly-off color choices.

Not Prince Harry (via

While you might expect this coat to send you into overdraft, it’s actually quite affordable. It has a very ‘city girl’ vibe with origins of nearly 100 years ago in Manhattan. So, expect to turn some heads because this jacket pulls together most outfits, but it’s less practical than the other items on this list.

For most active wearers, all of these items should keep you dry while running errands and performing other duties. But, you’ll have to choose which style is best for you.

In the end isn’t that the most fun part, though?

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