SAPP: Rep. Garamendi’s Threat Against Donald Trump Jr. Exposes The Violence Of The Left

Judson Sapp Contributor
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At one point, not too long ago, the radical left was just a fringe element leeching off a liberal, yet still sane Democrat Party. However, after a duly elected member of Congress went on television to violently threaten the son of the President of the United States, we now know the radical left as embodied by Antifa and Bernie Sanders has engulfed the Democrat establishment.

This past week, Democratic California Rep. John Garamendi appeared on MSNBC to respond to a comment made by Trump Jr. earlier in the day on Fox and Friends regarding the politicalization of the coronavirus by Democrats. Don’s point was an obvious one — that Democrats were clearly happy to see the markets tumble and were joyfully weaponizing the spread of coronavirus in an effort to harm President Trump’s reelection efforts.

Trump Jr. argued that the unhinged left and their allies in the media are so hell-bent on tearing down this president that they will do or say anything to hurt him. Hardly a controversial point of view to anyone who has been paying attention to the coverage of the virus by Democrats and their allies in the establishment left-wing media.

This all leads us back to Garamendi, who in responding to Don’s argument made what was to anyone with a functioning brain a clearly violent threat aimed towards the president’s son.

An enraged Garamendi exclaimed that Don Jr. “should not be near me when he says that.” “There would be a serious altercation,” he added.

It was a shocking display of unhinged venom from a sitting Democrat Congressman — the type of stuff that just a few years ago would have been reserved for the fringes of Antifa.  

Almost as disgusting was the fact that MSNBC host Hallie Jackson offered zero pushback or even a word of condemnation for what was obviously a threat of violence against a member of the first family.

Unfortunately, it appears that much of the Democrat Party and their media henchmen have been absorbed by the Antifa wing of the movement. As an early supporter of President Trump, I have seen firsthand how this unholy alliance between the radical left and the fake news media complex has made it difficult for many Trump supporters to speak up.

Establishment Democrats have tried to blame the noticeable rise of violence within their party’s ranks on Bernie Sanders and his supporters. There was a time when that may have been true, but Garamendi’s violent threats prove that the sentiment has now gone mainstream.

Here in Florida, not too far from where I live, a Democrat activist drove his car into a group of Republican volunteers who were registering voters. After admitting he didn’t like President Trump, this pathetic coward said, “someone had to do something.” Well, he did. He sent several thousand pounds of steel directly into a defenseless group of the president’s supporters.

In New Hampshire, on the day Bernie Sanders sailed to a commanding victory in the nation’s first primary, a crazed Democrat attacked more Trump volunteers. This time it was outside a polling location. 

After being berated with profanity, a 15-year-old child calmly responded with, “have a nice day.” That was the trigger that set off the grown man to physically attack the child along with several other volunteers who jumped in to defend the kid.

This is why Congressman Garamendi’s rhetoric is so serious — and dangerous. Now, I don’t think anyone is worried that Trump Jr. is in danger from a 75-year-old career politician, but the violence being inspired by today’s Democrat Party is real.

More worrisome is that it’s going widely uncovered, as the media seemingly tries to minimize the significance of every attack. Couple that with the fact media outlets like MSNBC are willfully providing a platform for violent rhetoric and threats, and there is a good chance that this will have disastrous consequences.

Bernie Sanders may be a radical Democrat who is embraced by the worst elements of his party, but the real concern is that as he steps closer and closer to earning the Democrat nomination, this new, radicalized party will be further emboldened to violently act out.

2020 is no longer just an election about politics, policy or personalities. 2020 is about deciding between a party who wants to Keep America Great and a party who wants a revolution by any means necessary. The choice will be that simple.
Judson Sapp is a businessman and Republican candidate for Congress in Florida’s 3rd Congressional District. To learn more visit www.JudsonSapp.com.