These Home Security Cameras Prove You Can Still Be Protected On A Budget

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Your home is your castle, and it deserves to be protected. With the average residential burglary costing victims a steep $8,407 in damages on average in 2018, investing in a home security system isn’t a bad idea.

While some home security systems can end up costing you an arm and a leg, there are other solutions out there that can watch your back for less. We’ve scoured the Internet for some of the best-discounted home cameras and alarm systems sure to make your home — and bank account — feel safer than ever. Read on for details:

The Home Security Basics

The LizaTech 720p Wi-Fi Indoor Security Camera, $44.99

No matter where you are, checking in on what’s going on at home is incredibly comforting — even if you’re just a mile away running errands. The LizaTech 720p Wi-Fi Indoor Security Camera is one of the most dependable home security devices out there given its impressive battery life and flawless wireless connection. Through its accompanying app, you’ll be able to see exactly what’s happening in your home — even if the lights are off and the curtains are drawn. The smart security camera is also controllable through Alexa Echo Show or Google Chromecast Voice Control. And for a limited time, it’s over half-off its retail price at just $44.99.

This LizaTech HD Smart IP Camera, $49.99

If you’re looking for a camera for your home or office, the LizaTech HD Smart IP Camera is a great choice since it can provide up to 180 degrees of surveillance. Whether you’re in another state or around the corner, you can ensure you’ll always be in the loop thanks to the LizaTech app that notifies you of any movement and lets you speak through the camera. You’ll also be able to take screenshots of any given footage and store it on the Cloud or a separate Micro SD card. And the best part? It’s just $49.99 down from $80 bucks.

The Hombli Smart Indoor Camera, $39.95

Ever wonder what your four-legged family members are up to while you’re off at work? With just the tap of your finger, you can peek in on little Fido without ever getting up from your desk. The Hombli Smart Indoor Camera, now discounted to just $39.99, keeps you completely connected to what’s going on at home by sending notifications to your home when it detects any movement or sound. You can also communicate with whoever’s on the other side of the camera thanks to its handy speaker and microphone.

The iPM World 360-Degree 1080p Wireless IP Security Camera, $39.99

If you have a lot to keep your eyes on while you’re on vacation with the family, this iPM World 360-Degree 1080p Wireless IP Security Camera serves as a great extra pair of eyes. With its wide-angle lens, you’ll be able to keep tabs on all of your belongings and can view your footage at the drop of a hat with its accompanying app. You’ll even be able to remotely rotate the camera to make sure you never miss a thing. Plus, the device boasts complete video encryption so you can be sure anything you see is for your eyes only. And for a limited time, it’s nearly 70% off at just $39.99.

Security Cameras With Advanced Features

The blurams Dome Pro 1080p Security Camera, $49.99

This is one of the few home security cameras out there that can actually identify faces as they come into view. Thanks to the blurams Dome Pro 1080p Security Camera‘s AI-enhanced facial, sound and motion detection along with your pre-programmed friends and family recognition database, it can immediately notify you when a person or even a pet is unrecognizable. The camera is also able to hone in on certain areas in question, letting you completely tailor what’s being recorded. And for a limited time, it’s just $49.99.

The SANNCE Home Security IP Wireless Camera With Night Vision, $44.99

Security footage isn’t any good if you can’t make out what’s going on in it. But with the SANNCE Home Security IP Wireless Camera, you can always expect a clear, crisp HD picture thanks to its night vision, motion detection, and 355 degrees of panning capabilities. You can bet that looking back at footage is safe (since it comes equipped with P2P/WPS encryption) and easy — plus, up to 10 people can view it at the same time.

The SANNCE Home Security IP Wireless Camera With Night Vision is now over 40% off at just $44.99.

The iPM Mini HD Wi-Fi Security Camera, $30.99

This camera’s all about the angles. Never missing a single nook or cranny, the advanced iPM Mini HD Wi-Fi Security Camera boasts 1080p image pixels so you can see your home so clearly — it’s the next best thing to actually being there. The second the camera detects any movement, you’ll get a notification on your phone — even if it’s in the dead of night thanks to the gadget’s infrared night vision sensor. And for a limited-time, the camera’s 60% off at just $30.99.

Dual Camera And Alarm Protection

The Refurbished NetGear Arlo VMC3030-100NAR HD Security Camera, $64.99

Unlike many other outdoor/indoor home security cameras, the NetGear Arlo VMC3030-100NAR HD Security Camera is completely wireless. Whether you’re looking to monitor deliveries or check in on the dogs at home while you’re away, this IP65- weather-proof camera is a tough one to beat. And with free cloud storage for up to seven days of rolling sound and motion-triggered footage and an alarm system you can control from your phone, you can truly have peace of mind from wherever you are. This advanced home camera system is refurbished and has been tested to ensure it’s in excellent condition, making it just $64.99 — a nearly 60% discount.

The Lizatech Wi-Fi Home Alarm Security System, $149.99

Take your home security to a whole new level with the Lizatech Wi-Fi Home Alarm Security System. Not only can you monitor what goes on in your home through the device’s accompanying app, but you can also completely customize the camera’s settings based on your specific security needs. But what really sets the system apart from others like it is its blaring alarm system that can scare off any potential intruders. And, at the discounted rate of just $144.99, this is an incredible deal.

The Loocam 1080p HD Security Camera, $249.99

This six-camera system is the crème de la crème of home security systems. Each Loocam 1080p HD security camera boasts a 105-degree field of view and sits in metal IP67 weatherproof housing, making them incredibly durable. Even at night, thanks to the cameras’ “automatic predator night vision,” you can catch the sneakiest of intruders. You can stream your recorded footage on your iPhone or Android device through the accompanying app and store recordings on a security-grade hard drive. And today, you can snag the entire six-camera system for just $249.99.

Prices subject to change.

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