Mike Pence: There Will Be ‘Thousands’ More Coronavirus Cases

(Photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Images)

Anders Hagstrom White House Correspondent
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The nation should expect “thousands” more cases of the coronavirus before the disease blows over, Vice President Mike Pence said on the TODAY Show Thursday.

Pence’s statement comes after President Donald Trump gave an Oval Office address on the federal response to COVID-19, announcing near-total bans on travel from Europe as well as financial relief for impacted workers. Pence’s statement is the first time the coronavirus task force has given a numerical estimate for expected cases, previously telling Americans to simply “expect more cases.”

Pence also criticized those who have sad Trump isn’t taking the virus seriously enough. The criticism arose when various media outlets falsely claimed the president called the coronavirus a “hoax” at a campaign rally. Trump later threw fuel on the fire by comparing the virus to the seasonal flu. (RELATED: EXCLUSIVE: Trump Campaign Doubles Down On Slamming New Twitter Policy)

Trump has also faced criticism from his conservative allies, some of whom say his chaotic messaging is making it harder for his coronavirus task force to do its job.