This Huge Blanket Is Large Enough To Handle Your Biggest Cuddle Sessions

Mason Thibault Mason is a native of Fall River, Massachusetts, an avid NFL and NCAA fan, and a commerce writer for the Daily Caller
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Picture this: you and your special someone are cuddled up on the couch ready to watch your favorite blockbuster when — oh no! This blanket barely drapes over both your laps! An ill-fitting blanket can completely ruin a cuddle experience, and the brilliant minds behind the Big Blanket completely sympathize with this sentiment. That’s why they created a larger-than-life blanket, big enough to keep you and your friends and family warm during the cuddliest of cuddle sessions.

Measuring at over four times the size of your average throw, the Big Blanket is the obvious choice when it comes to cozying up on the couch, bed, or wherever you’re hanging out. It’s no wonder this 10-foot blanket made a major splash on Kickstarter, supported by nearly 600 backers who pledged almost $100,000 to get it off the ground!

While the Big Blanket is adored for its larger-than-average size, it’s also become a household favorite thanks to its super soft, stretchy, moisture-wicking material. It even regulates temperature so that you’re never too warm or too cool under its cuddly embrace — which makes it great for taking out of the house on camping trips or on picnics. Whether it’s just you and your main squeeze or the entire family, this blanket ensures all toes are warm and covered!

No matter how much you use the Big Blanket, it’s super easy to take care of. You can safely pop it into the washing machine just like you would your clothes, and you never have to stress about it losing its softness from doing so.

Normally boasting a rather hefty price tag, the Big Blanket is currently discounted to just $119.99, over 75% off its retail price.