‘That’s Enough’: Trump Attacks, Then Cuts Off PBS Reporter During Coronavirus Briefing

Screenshot Fox News, Fox Report with Jon Scott

Shelby Talcott Senior White House Correspondent
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President Donald Trump attacked PBS White House correspondent Yamiche Alcindor and then cut off her questions after she asked about ventilators during a press conference Sunday evening.

Alcindor began to note that Trump “said repeatedly that you think that some of the equipment that governors are requesting, they don’t actually need.” The president denied making these comments and then said the incident was “why nobody trusts the media anymore.”

“Why don’t you act in a little more positive?” Trump asked as Alcindor tried to ask her first question. “It’s always trying to get you, get you, that’s why nobody trusts the media anymore. Excuse me, you didn’t hear me.”

“That’s why you used to work for the times and now you work for somebody else. Let me tell you something. Be nice. Don’t be threatening. Be nice. Go ahead.”


Trump continued on to respond to Alcindor’s first question. He said that America is “producing a tremendous number of ventilators.” Trump then said the administration “sent thousands of generators into New York” and that “they were put into a New York warehouse” without being distributed.

“But just so you know, we’re all — you, me, everybody, we’re all on the same team. You know, when journalists get up, and you’re a journalist, a fine journalist. When journalists get up and ask questions that are so threatening, we’re all on the same team,” Trump said before Alcindor interrupted him and said her question was based “directly from your interview with [Fox News host] Sean Hannity.”

Trump told Alcindor to “take a look at” his interview with Hannity. He cut Alcindor off and did not let her ask a second question, saying that it isn’t “fair to your other reporters.”

“Please, go ahead,” Trump said as he pointed to a different reporter. “Go ahead. That’s enough. Thank you very much.” (RELATED: Media Rated Worst At Handling Coronavirus Response In Gallup Poll)

“Please, please, that’s enough,” Trump said as Alcindor continued to try and ask a second question. “That’s enough. That’s not fair to your other reporters. It’s not fair. You had a long time, a long question. If we have time, I’ll get back to you for your second question. Is that okay? Alright. Thank you. I appreciate it.”